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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi there, thanks for the reply actually part of the settlement agreement from me was that they removed the (defaulted) account from my credit file completely, and they did! I have an email and a letter from them thanking me for my telephone payment and accepting it in FULL AND FINAL settlement of my account. I'll try getting back to them first but I suspect I'm probably actually looking at the FOS for help now to be honest, I think that's what the letter stated my only recourse would be from here so at the end of the day I have to be as open as it as possible. 75% of £2200 is better than nothing and it seems to make sense to me that I paid 75% of the overall amount (even taking all their questionable charges into account) so I should, at least, be entitled to 75% of the claim for mis-sold PPi?
  3. That's what I thought too. They were happy enough to accept this full and final payment over 5 years ago, full and final to me means just that. Or what about this way. I took out a loan with a total amount to pay with PPI of £5454 I paid them monthly payments totalling £2878.50 + £1200 to settle the account which = £4078.50 or 75% of the total loan had I paid every monthly payment. So give me 75% of the £2200 of the PPI you have agreed you have mis-sold me? Does that not make sense? Thanks for the reply. Yes I have both a letter and an email from two different people at that company stating "We refer to our telephone conversation on the 18th January 2008, and confirm that we have accepted the sum of £1,200.00 in full and final settlement on this account."
  4. Sorry for bumping an old thread but anyone else got any take on this? I'm in the same boat, settled full and final with welcome finance for £1200 (have it in writing) on a 3500 balance. PPI claim accepted in my favour for £2200 but they're keeping it saying the account was closed with a balance and they're well within their rights to keep the lot.
  5. Probably a simple one. On 07/07/2003 I took out a 2nd Welcome loan for £2451.90 (paid off some of an old loan with the new one) Loan: £2451.90 PPI: £780.70 (told my loan would be refused if I never took it, was not applicable to me as I was self employed) Total: £3232.60 APR: 45.1% Period: 36 Months Repayments: £151.50 In total I mate 19 payments of £151.50 then never paid anything after that as I got into real financial hardship, they charged me in total £450 for failed DD's, phone calls and visits to my home. I still owed them £3560 In 2008 I offered them a one time payment of £1200 in full and final settlement of the account and they accepted. Earlier this year I started a claim against them for miss selling of PPI. The short of it is they found in my favour to the tune of £2200 odd but at the end of the letter they said that I would not receive anything as the account was closed with an outstanding balance around the same amount as my PPI claim, essentially it would all be offset against that? What's your thoughts? Can I argue that having accepted my payment as a full and final settlement then I should be entitled to my PPI refund? Thanks
  6. Did you have any joy? Did they put anything on your credit file at all?
  7. I'm more talking about if you default on a Payday loan agreement. Had anyone actually had anything (defaults, late payments etc) applied to their credit files as a result of defaulting on a Payday loan agreement? Thanks!
  8. Anyone? Had anyone had anything bad left on their credit file by not paying a payday loan?
  9. As title, Has anyone ever had negitive information put on their credit files by a Payday Loan comapny? If so then: What Company (Wonga, PTP etc) What Information (default, late payment mark?) Cheers!
  10. I might be wrong here.... but .... going by your Avatar then it might actually be simpler than all this. I had a 4 year old CCJ thrown out by the court on the grounds that I live and always have lived in Scotland. The creditor had just run a moneyclaim on me and they (Moneyclaim/court etc) never clocked on to the fact that I live in Scotland and should never had a CCJ in the first place. I simply pointed this out to Northampton County Court (via email), 3 months passed and I had never heard a thing so called them... woman called back a hour later and advised me it had been thrown out by a judge on the grounds that it should have never gone through the english court system in the first place... Is that of any use to you? Or do you now live in England?
  11. Not true, they have a HUGE sales team that travel around all the Debt Collection events around the UK, cold call DCA's, advertise in trade media (magazines, websites etc) selling our personal data to any tom, dick or harry Debt Collection Agency that are willing to pay for it. I do hope we get some moles in the new year though, that would be fantastic!
  12. That would be selling our personal and financial data to any tom, dick and harry DCA outfit that's willing to pay for it.
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