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  1. thankyou stu i will take a long look over this and see if i can use any parts in my case. i am still feeling that my best appproach to this is to go for professional misconduct but i am still having problems gleaning letters from my vets regarding the referral and how we discussed it in length as to whom should undertake the operation. it all seems rather cloak and dagger with them as one vet will not say anything against another in writing but will and have said things to me personally on the telephone.
  2. thanks hightail, i am in agreement with you on this but these guys are supposed to be the best veterinary eye guys in the est midlands.. i have recived my sars back from both parties but still seem to be missing some paperwork from my own vets of which i am conversing with at the minute to amend this. regarding the referal, the vets whom we were reffered to have said it was a miscommunication error that we were guided to the wrong vet, and they have made amendments to ensure this doesnt happen in the future
  3. in all honesty no i have not..the reason being that they are unable to provide any compensation to me and to be quite frank i have looked at the cases they have found against vets over the past few years and it is miniscule, and mainly for sexualharrassment and such like to staff etc...i can find only one case of them striking off a vet so have little faith in the the body as a whole whih i feel is very outdated and a bit of an old boys school. i may be wrong but that is out it comes across to me. the vets themselves have insurance cover to fight cases against them as i have copies o
  4. thankyou hightail for helping me it really is appreciated.. the invoice states entropian h-c/wedge resection bilateral..
  5. thanks to you both for the response..i have done the sars ans will get these out tomorrow...hopefully i have worded them ok.. i will keep you posted on my responses and we can go from there..thanyou everyone for the support and lets go forward on this..
  6. one last thing how do i word the sar for the vets to ensure i get all the dogs results etc
  7. hi dx..thankyou for your response...is there not a claim limit for the small claims as if i add up the cost of surgery , the value of the dog plus my own vets emergency fees this would exceed 4000 pounds..unsure on my limits and if he would be responsible for my emergency vets fees? all help really is appreciated and how do i go about the claim as its all new to me
  8. hi hightail...in response to your question, we spent around two weeks discussing this with our vets and whom was the safest to go within regards to specialised eye care..apparntly the machine used in eye surgery is an absurd price and very few vets only specialists have them and the training needed to use them..so yes he was a specialist eye surgeon, but unfortunately as said he did not do the operation, hence my problems,, i agree with all you say about not being an emergency but please remember he was twelve weeks old and already had one op and we were appliying a moisturiser to his
  9. i feel that malpractice is the easiet way forward as my vet admits to never ever having heard of the vet who did the operation and was not the vet he reffered us too. seems clear cut but unsure of what to claim as listed above, do i go for cost of the operation, cost of the dog, cost of my vets emergency treatemnt or personal hurt?
  10. from cab negligence... If the vet has been negligent Negligence must result in harm, loss, injury or damage of some sort. For example, a vet may fail to prescribe the appropriate course of treatment and, as a result, the animal suffers permanent injury or dies. If you think your vet has been negligent and you want to complain, you will need to decide what outcome you want. For example, you may want: a formal apology a refund free corrective treatment compensation. Claiming compensation If your pet suffers pain, injury, inconvenience or you have extr
  11. from cab malpractice Misconduct Professional misconduct includes behaviour such as dishonesty, taking advantage of your age or inexperience, or acting against your instructions. All vets must adhere to the code of professional conduct laid down by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. If you believe your vet has been guilty of professional misconduct, report the matter immediately to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons who will investigate.
  12. hi stu007, thanks for your response..when we went to see the reffered vets yes we did sign papers to allow them to do the operation, i am sure this is quite normal and is standard proceedure before any operation to ensure that you will pay their bill.. i have had all the clinical notes back from my vets who took jhim in after the operation for emergency care and it mentions that scar tissue was removed from his osophagus and the size of it and that he appeared to breath much much better after its removal and seamed to start to make a recovery after his first resusscitation, but went into
  13. thanks for the response hightail, yes i agree with all these breeds there is a a risk for any operation..whether he would have recovered under different circumstances neither you or i are able to tell. all i can say is that with a veterinary with many more years of specialist practise under his belt i feel the odds would have improved greatly, hence our request to our vets to refer us to someone with this experience and someone whom our vets know of and have placed their trust in him also having referred to him beforehand and knowledge of his experience and talents... we must also r
  14. hi everyone and thanks for the responses..i had given up hope of getting anywhere with this and am so glad you have supported me as it has given me the strength to go forward again as i had to put a stop on things for a while as it was getting to me emotionally. i have had quite a bit of paperwork through from my own vets and a response letter from the reffering vet saying that the referral that was made to them to see the recommended eye specialist , but was passed to another less senior eye specialist , whom we or our vets had never heard of, was a clerical er
  15. looks like no one can help me out here ..i am unsure if this is unclear what has happened or not i wish to attempt to to file a negligence claim against this vets ..as i have received some responses from the vetrinaries involved , i feel i have a case on which to act but really i am unsure of the procedure.. ..the original vets billed me 1347 pounds for the operation..the referral was around 34 pounds, my vets have just billed me just under 800 pounds for emergency treatment of my my dog after the operation at the other vets before he died...i have then also lost the market val
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