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  1. Just to update you all, I still hadn't heard anything at the beginning of this week so rang the solicitors that is named on my court papers on Monday. They said they had no idea that a warrant had been issued against them and asked me to email them a copy! I sent the email and told them if I didnt have my money by the end of the week I was going to ring the national newpapers and tell them my story... What do you know... a cheque through my door this morning (Wednesday) Woooooohooooo Its been a long battle, but we got there in the end. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me with
  2. Thanks for your replies goforit and lukeyboyuk. The warrant was actually executed at the branch near RoBS credit card office in Southen on Sea, so hopefully things will happen quickly now. How do I instruct the court baliffs to go and collect the money? Do i do that through Moneyclaim online? Thanks again, Lisa xx
  3. Hi, I have been trying to reclaim credit card charges from RoBS and they seem to be being quite difficult! Court action issued 11/9/06, they acknowledged this 14/9/06 but then never did anything. They had 28 days to file a response, which they never did. Judgement was issued against them 11/10/06 but I still never heard anything from them. I applied for a warrant on Tuesday (17th) and this was Issued yesterday (19/10/06). The warrant cost 55pound, but gets added to what they have to pay me. My original amount I was reclaiming was only 255 but with all the charges has now gone up t
  4. Dont listen to them Sandra, they are just trying to put you off. I had the same thing and after the second rejection letter I rang them to tell them I had been advised to take court action, and what do you know I had the money in my bank account 3 days later! A friend of mine has also done the same thing and won nearly 6k back. They're just trying to put you off because they know that they will have to pay all your money back if you continue with your claim. Go get em girl, good luck. Lisa
  5. Thanks so much missm, smoorach & lively lad. I am just in the middle of starting the court action online now. We'll teach 'em to mess us about hehe. Thanks for your replies and advise, its much appreciated. Have a nice day
  6. Hi, I have had success claiming back 190 in bank charges from my normal bank account after second letter was sent. But am now trying to get back Credit Card charges without much success at the monet. Has anyone been refunded credit card charges? After sending second letter I have recieved a reply from RBoS stating that the charges refunds DO NOT apply to credit cards. Should I go ahead and start court action?? Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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