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  1. Hi...Yes I need to pay I don't have an issue with that, I had already made arrangement to pay. Is there a reason for the question ? Either way the council have made an error and I object strongly to the added costs. Thanks for your reply.
  2. On the 30 January 2013 I along with around 6000 others in sheffield received a council tax summons to be heard on 1 February (they day after) There was a public out cry about the notice the summonses gave before the hearings as reported in the local paper http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/business/sheffield-council-tax-blunder-causes-misery-1-5377303. Today I received a liability order what should I do !! ?
  3. Heres the response from McD Dear Mrs Jennings Thank you for your further contact regarding your visit to our Tankerley restaurant. I am very sorry to learn that you were disappointed with my response. I regret that in a situation such as a contravention of parking regulations, we are unable to deal with any specifics or cases on an individual basis. Suffice to say, if a customer contravenes the clearly displayed parking regulations, they will receive a ticket. I have once again reviewed all the information gained and I do appreciate your further comments, our position on this matter has not changed. Thank you for contacting us again and I am sorry that we can be of no further assistance to you. Regards Rhonda Floyd Senior Customer Services Manager McDonald's Customer Services Department 11 - 59 High Road East Finchley London N2 8AW 08705 244622
  4. Tony P.... I have included your points in the email I have sent to McD's in response to their email I am not very impressed that any service supplier would treat the very people who spend their hard earned money with them with such contempt.
  5. My daughter visited McD's in Rotherham, She stayed longer than the specified time and because the vehicle is a company vehicle I received the parking "fine" which of course I will not be paying. I emailed their customer relations and I think You may be interested in the response I have received so here it is. If this is not allowed on here please remove it thanks Dear Mrs ******** I am writing further to your e-mail regarding your daughter's visit to our Tankersley restaurant. I have noted your comments and welcome the opportunity to confirm our policy on this matter. As a company, putting in place enforcements within our car parks is only done after careful consideration and very much as a last resort. Primarily, we use parking measures to ensure there are spaces available for our customers’ vehicles, as well as to deter unwarranted or unreasonably prolonged usage of the facility. I can confirm this parking area is managed by an independent company who are responsible for monitoring the car park and taking details of registration numbers. The regulations and signs at the restaurant clearly state our policy and the relevant charges. I trust you will appreciate that in order to maintain a consistent approach; we have to adhere to the guidelines in place. As such, in a situation such as a clear contravention of parking regulations, we are unable to deal with any specifics or cases on an individual basis. Suffice to say, if a customer contravenes the clearly displayed parking regulations, they will receive a ticket. Thank you for contacting us and again for the opportunity to comment. Yours sincerely Senior Customer Services Manager McDonald's Customer Services Department 11 - 59 High Road East Finchley London N2 8AW Tel: 08705 244622 So now we know !! no more visits to McD's for us and all my staff of Drivers are backing me so........ BYE BYE McD's
  6. I too have a contract with opus, and what a nightmare they are to deal with ! I had seen the posts by Andy Nash on this forum, so today after a very harassing conversation with one of the "customer care" staff who just took the problem round in circles I rang the number Andy Nash quotes on all the compaints forums to speak with him,but the number takes you straight back to the junior staff, asked to speak to Mr Nash...refused...repeated the request.. refused another circle was being created. I insisted that the only person I would discuss my issue with was Mr Nash, My number was taken for him to return my call. I did not expect this to happen......but low and behold a lady call from operations management hey presto problem sorted in a polite and fair manner within 5 minutes. So don't waste your time energy and nerves on the rude young whipper snappers stick to your guns and escalate your problem to the higher level insist you speak to andy nash.and someone with a human demeanor will call you.....eventually Jan
  7. Hi, I have an issue with a homebuy purchase my daughter made. At the time she signed the agreement she had a brain tumour which obviously fuddled her abitlity to think logically, The agent knew this but proceeded to allow her to sign. I have just been asked to look at this agreement and with interest and insurance the cost is a rip off to say the least. Question is has she any recourse to end this agreement and send back the item bought ? I wish I had been around when she signed but hey ho. Thanks for any help Jan
  8. I feel so stitched up by the Halifax !! 25th November I made an arrangement with then to tackle my overdraft, which was over the agreed limit. The arrangement was 1. they increased my o/d limit to 1.450k stopping further charges 2. set up a standing order of £12.50 a week from my cardcash account to my current account so lowering my o/d by a total of £50 a month.The weekly payments have been made as agreed. 3. I can continue using the account as normal so long as I made sure funds were there to cover spending, which I have done. I received confirmation that the £12.50 a week had been accepted, but nothing else was mentioned in the letter. ..then... I received a letter stating that I have broken my agreement with them so its now cancelled !! Rang them today and they have said that as I haven't paid £35 a month and have used the account they have cancelled the agreement !!!!!!!! After much discussion the guy said he has frozen my account ...called in my o/d, and there would be a £5 a day charge, he would however re-instate my payment plan of £12.50 and waive the charge for a few months. Problem is where do I go from here ?? I KNOW what I agreed to do and have done it, Any suggestions would be really appreciated, I am at my wits end with this, and feel like I have been manipulated into being even more over my limit with not much hope of being to clear the account, especially when they start the £5 a day charge. Jan
  9. I now the misfortune of having to deal with equita. Keeping it short they are collecting unpaid business rates. They have posted their standard removal letter but at the wrong address ! It was fortunate that some one at the address knew our company and they forwarded the letter to us. I think I have made a mistake by even acknowledging that we have recieved the letter, but anyway I have. I have paid an initial payment and made an agreement to pay too much a month, can this be renegotiated to a lower amount ? Main complaint I have is the fee's £120.00 added,reading around on here this is way too much, question is, can I be charged anything, as the bailiff posted the letter to the wrong address in the first place ? Thanks for this site, don't know what we would all do without it Jan
  10. I have the same problem arriving mid june ..please keep us informed how they deal with you and we will compare notes ? Jan
  11. working late tonight, so we went out for a sandwich at arond 7.45pm we returned to this notice taped to the gates TO Mr ***** ****** and all others whom it may concern Take notice that,having been duly authorised by the landlord,we have today foreited the lease and are now in posession Therefore further take notice that you should not make any attempt to enter or break into this property since you will be committing a criminal offence and we will have no alternative but to draw the matter to the attention of south yorkshire police authority. And further take noitice that any goods remaining on these premises 21 days from the date of this notice will be sold and the proceeds takin in leiu of rent outstanding on the premises Any permit previously granted to any person to enter onto or to occupy the premises or any part thereof is terminated with immediate effect. With a solicitors contact details at the bottom. We do have rent arrears, which are in dispute, but the landlord has evaded the issue by repeatedly asking for a copy of our rent payments (supplied numerous times). My main concerns are the chains were put onto the outer gate, locking one of our employees inside ! All of the power and heating was on, so we had to re-enter to switch everything off and secure the property.... so already we "committed a criminal offence" We recover,store and repair cars, our customers vehicles are now locked in he premises, along with my recovery vehicle. So is the above notice / actions legal ? I have to get back in there tommorrow, customers cars are due out. The landlord is convieniently in pakistan,so I can't contact him. The solicitor is acting on his behalf and won't be in the postition of knowing the truth. Oh help what shall I do...what would you do ?? Jan2002
  12. scottish power did the same to us, the last tenant of our premises ran up a debt, unfortunately they disconnected the supply the day we moved in !! its still disconnected 2 years later, we have reached an impass with scottish power, my head has gone flat I have banged it on the wall so many times lol. We are lucky we can run our electricity supply using a generator. Good luck with these numpties, I hope you get sorted soon.
  13. Hi Our company recieved one of these uk parking fines today, for some misdemeaner in the carpark at castlegate leisure centre in dudley. We have never been there and the car involved has never been registered to us, The latter being confirmed by the police forces of both south yorkshire (our base) and west midlands, and the DVLA What do you all think shall I tell the poor souls at ukpc or shall i let them dig a big hole first ?? Jan
  14. Is this a legitimate authorised treatment facility ? I'd be quick off the mark and do something about this situation,before its taken off to the crusher !
  15. Thanks everyone Interesting info there buzby, thanks for that, they told me today that royal mail are causing this problem, now I know perhaps not uh jan2002
  16. Bumping this back up as I really am feeling stressed by vm I still have an on going issue of not recieving bills. for the past 18 months or so, i have recieved nothing... zilch...no bills whatsoever. I have been called a liar and one errr lady called me an idiot !! The final straw tonight, I had a missed call from collections (same every month), so called cs to pay, expecting the tenner late payment fee to be deducted and pay my balance same as usual. Nope none of that, the lady said, if I am recieving no bills, seeing as they are showing printed and dispatched on her screen, I must take this up with royal mail as its not vm's problem...now pay up the outstanding balance or go away. Right, problem is I already called royal mail and they confirm there are no problems with the post in my area...so i switch billing addresses with vm..they send it to my moms now, but, Still NO Bills..nothing recieved I don't want to pay the late payment fee, i haven't got a bill to be a late payer on. I just want to pay what I owe, peferably before they restrict my services I feel really let down and insulted with this so called company, I can't fix this problem, what o what do I do next ????? Phew..thanks for listening, i feel better now LOL jan2002
  17. Thank you all for the prompt replies. I am on to it right away ! Regards Jan2002
  18. Hi I just received my credit file I have 2 defaults.. 1 Nat West, no probs there thanks to the help around this site ! Its the second that really concerns me I have been defaulted by littlewoods finance on 3 January 2004 for £358..this was for a washing machine purchased iby my husband. The original agreement was in his name, unfortunately he declared bankcruptcy in November 2004 and this debt was included in this. What can I do about this ?? I can't find the credit agreement and i feel sooo down. I have a default for a debt that was never mine ! Thanks Jan
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