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  1. It was sent to the debt recovery team at Lloyds in brighton
  2. I had a loan but that was all paid up around 2009' the CCA was regarding my CC and the reference number on my paying-in-book for the DMP was printed under ref number on the letter I sent them. I rang Lloyds reluctantly and some bloke from CC services said he was going to send my credit agreement to me I did send a failure letter with 14 days to reply which would have been today, but as they returned my P.O and made some BS about my loan agreement seems they got out of that
  3. Had my original CCA request and the £1 p.o returned to me, the letter states "Unfortunately we are unable to accept this payment as : You have asked us to pay into a product we do not manage The cheque / P.O is not made payable to us Please send another cheque / P.O made payable to Lloyds TSB (a/c HPES) and quoting the loan agreement number if you still wish to pay this money into your loan. If you wish to call me my number is at the top of this letter. Now The CCA is regarding a CC so where they got loan from I dont know, and the CC is part of the debt recovery team.
  4. Tomorrow (wednesday) is the day that Lloyds have had 14 days to reply to my CCA reminder, and still not heard anything ? Confused what to do, if I type out the letter/s I sent to Lloyds can someone tell me if they were ok and I didn't send them wrong letters etc ?
  5. So, stop paying the £1 a month as well ? Cant even send a CCA to Cabot as i've had no correspondence from them I have no ref / account number
  6. Hi, Think I am going to have to send CCA to Cabot. Still no reply from Lloyds even with the reminder although it has only been about 6 days, but I spoke to RM just now and the £1 P.O has not been cashed. Where do I go if Lloyds ignore the reminder letter as well as the original CCA request ?
  7. Was going to send the reminder letter to the same place I sent the CCA request Lloyds Debt Recovery Dept ?
  8. Thanks Bazooka Boo, still nothing 16th day, sending the reminder today
  9. I sent the CCA to Lloyds as noone informed me capbot took the debt over
  10. 15th day and nothing My question is, if Lloyds have sold the debt to cabot and i've requested the CCA from Lloyds would they contact cabot to get the CCA or will they eventually tell me they haven't got the debt
  11. Well 14 working days today and no CCA file, friday I will be sending them the reminder letter
  12. Thanks dx, shall I await the CCA 14 days is up today btw, or request SAR anyway
  13. Ah I see noddle says cabot have the debt Lloyds settled neither have told me in writing tho and my CCA has been sent to Lloyds
  14. When shall I request cra file ? I'm currently waiting on CCA, should it next be SRA then CRA ?
  15. Would Lloyds pass on the CCA request to them ? As I haven't heard from cabot apart from the phonecall few weeks back i'm confused who actually has the debt now
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