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  1. Welcome both of you! Looks to me like a good rummage round the FAQs will benefit you both. I'd also recommend that, after reading the FAQs, any posts should be run as 2 separate threads as dealing with two people's concerns in one thread gets very confusing!!
  2. Hi Emma Have you had a good look through the FAQs? You'll find loads of guidance in there on what to do.
  3. ariel

    Friday 3rd

    Vampyra has started a thread headed "How did it go?" in the "Everything Else" forum ... there quite a full update in there!!
  4. Surely no one can alter the terms of a contract unilaterally (particularly not one imposing on one of the parties a heavier financial obligation)? Might they have given you notice which you may not have responded to, thus - perhaps - entitling them to argue some form of acquiescence to the change? (Although I'd still find such a unilateral alteration of terms hard to swallow.) Yup - sounds like a new contract book may be on the cards, BankFodder!
  5. Your question implies you need to read the FAQs - they're really helpful on how to claim back charges.
  6. When my dad died suddenly (many years ago now) I had to get the 1st available flight to America. Guess what - I forgot to make arrangements to pay my 2 credit card bills in my absence (silly me ) When I got back I contacted the card companies. One of them simply told me I should have thought of the consequences before defaulting on payment (the %!?%! %!?%!) The other company wrote a really nice letter of sympathy (although they didn't refund the charges). However, they were so nice that, by then, I frankly didn't care that they'd charged me!! Shows what good customer relations can do!!
  7. Judging by your question, I think you need to read the FAQs - they give you lots of guidance on how to take this forward yourself.
  8. Have you checked the FAQs?? They're really helpful on how & where to start.
  9. ... this may be the one you want http://idigital.vm.bytemark.co.uk/bag/forum/viewtopic.php?t=564
  10. They have a way with words, don't they!! I punched the phrase into google & all it came up with was a Halifax/Bank of Scotland site, but no definition. Trying to dissect the words, it sounds like you're classed as being in the retail sector, in an area covered by regulation (FSA presumably?) ... but "risk"??
  11. Yes I got one. I wasn't able to watch the SkyNews feature but I saw the Channel 5 News & they're doing a follow up, too. The 5.30 Channel 5 news was a very short piece but Stephen came across very impressively. Pauli's put a contact number for the Channel 5 news follow-up under "Channel Five News" in the "Everything Else" forum.
  12. I think this may be the link you're looking for: http://idigital.vm.bytemark.co.uk/bag/forum/viewtopic.php?t=564
  13. I've just read somewhere that the courts have held that there is no confidence in iniquity (& what are these charges if not iniquitious?). Also, disclosure of otherwise confidential information may be protected if that disclosure is shown to be in the public interest. (Now for the small print: I'm sure you'll appreciate these comments are expressions of my own opinion & are not to be taken as legal advice.)
  14. There's a sticky in the General forum showing how to send Amazon gift certificates to help buy books for the BAG. I've just had a look on Amazon but couldn't find whether there's a way of paying by online bank transfer, rather than debit or credit card, but it may be worth asking them. Congratulations on your success!!
  15. Contribution (by way of Gift Certificate) is on its way. I agree the most recent editions of books are essential. Out of date law books are a very scary prospect!!!
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