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  1. its wednesday and still havent got mine have phoned twice but still no money!!! so no letter going to court
  2. Hi frenchie no not yet but its only 9.45am maybe about 3pm i think!!! lol cant wait to have a spend up!! let me know
  3. sorry what i ment was dont write to courts until you recieved your money thats what the lady at the court told me to do and tell the bank this is what you intend to do
  4. frenchieboy did you telephone the courts? the lovely lady there there was really chuffed but she said when replying to bank tell them that you will write to bank once money has hit your account. this is what i did and i sent letter special delivery so they get it today!!!! cant wait
  5. OH MY GOD RECIEVED LETTER TODAY OFFERING FULL SETTLEMENT !!!! i am so proud of myself!!!!! and i bow down to everyone who has helped thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! im so chuffed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thimk were all going to meet in the carpark or maybe mcdonalds to calm our nerves the pub sounds appealing but its a bit early lol
  7. thanks so much for your kind words i need all the ecouragment hopefully there will be a lot of us there soi can get chatting to them too
  8. hi as you all no i am at southend on the 7th at 11.00am and having read all the replies you have kindly left i am poooping myself have never done anything like this before and havent a clue how to go about it! help help help:o thanks clare
  9. i telephoned barclays yesterday to confirm that a representative from barclays would attend but they cant give me a straight answer its so annoying!
  10. can someone please help ive typed the letter out above the date is getting closer and i havent a clue what im doing thanks
  11. the letter states Take notice that the ALLOCATION/CASE MANAGMENT CONFRENCE HEARING will take place on 7th of febuary at southend county court to be heard before District judge Dudley When you should attend please note; this case may be released to another judge, possibly at a diffrent court this is exactly what the letter says HELP please do i have to prepare anything?
  12. its from southend county court where i applied. in the first instance the judge looked at all the cases on december the 13th then sent this its to be heard by the district judge dudley will this be it?
  13. hi recieved today notice of allocation/case management confrence hearing what does this mean? any help greatly appreciated hearing date 7/02/06
  14. hi sent all my stuff off to the courts paid all fees recieved a letter on the 13th november saying that the judge was setting aside december 13th to look at all cases, is this happening to anyone else are we in the same boat i'm scared now. any advice greatly appreciated
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