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  1. Hi, wondering if someone could give me some advice. I've sent the prelim letter to Lloyds with no meaningful reply, and since sent the LBA. However, since then I've incurred another charge which will be going out on May 1st. I intend to file my claim after that and claim for that charge as well. Do I need to send another LBA with the updated amount on it before I file the claim? Or can I just file the claim and add it on anyway?
  2. Thanks all of you for your help. I have sent it to the correct address (I won a claim against them previously and they replied to my letters). I was just trying to speed up the process. However, from what you say I think it is probably better if I do send the LBA.
  3. Hi. I sent off my preliminary request letter to Lloyds a while back and haven't had a reply. Is there any point in me sending a letter before action? It says in the first letter that if they don't reply within fourteen days I may take court action. Surely I'm well within my legal rights to go ahead and start my claim without sending an LBA? (Apologies if I'm wrong my legal knowledge isn't great)
  4. I suppose there's got to be some perks of living here!
  5. Hi everyone, just thought I'd mention that I got a letter through from the court this morning. It was a court order which said that Lloyds' defence would be struck out unless they provided evidence of previous cases of this nature which they haven't just settled before the court date. I received a cheque for full settlement yesterday anyway (maybe Lloyds received this order before I did, it was dated 7/2/07) but it was still a pleasant sight. I know that several other people have reported the same thing happening. Again, this was in Lincoln county court and was Judge Toombs. Just thought
  6. krabople


    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this site for helping me win my claim against Lloyds. I got a settlement through by cheque today for £516.68. I was originally offered a settlement just over 3 weeks ago with conditions but wrote back to them declining the conditions thanks to a letter I found on Janet-M's thread, which they have followed up with a cheque for full payment without conditions. I am just about to start the whole process again for another account with Lloyds. Do you think I should point out in my prelim letter that I have already been through this
  7. Thanks a lot for your help
  8. Hi, I've just sent off my data protection letter for an account I intend to claim on with Lloyds (I'm already in the court process for another account which I had with them). I understand that you can claim back a full 6 years worth of charges, but I was wondering when this 6 years starts from? Is it from the date you send off your data protection letter, the date of the next letter or the date you file your court claim? (I never had this problem with my other claim as the other account was only opened 4 years ago)
  9. Hi Hibbit, SC&M's address is: Sechiari, Clark & Mitchell Solicitors Department CDR PO Box 499 Lower Ground Floor 1-5 Queens Road Quadrant Brighton BN1 3XJ
  10. Thanks again for your help - I've used most of your reply to their first offer in my letter. I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Hi, thanks to you both for your help. I've just been reading your thread MJ and find it very inspirational and as a result I've decided I'm definitely not going to settle for any conditions. I notice you say towards the end of your thread that it is wrong to head the letter with "Without Prejudice" - why is this?
  12. Hi, firstly I would like to say thanks to everyone on this site for the information I have received from you - I have been gradually pursuing my claim with Lloyds since August last year and have just received a settlement offer today from SC&M. However, the offer has the following conditions attached to it: 1. The amount of the claim, namely £516.68 to be forwarded to you by personal cheque. 2. Payment of £516.68 will be in full and final settlement of this claim and any future claims you have or may have against Lloyds TSB Banks plc arising out of, or in any way connected t
  13. Ah right yeah that makes sense I suppose
  14. Hi all, I was just wondering what would happen if someone refused a bank's settlement. Would this mean that the bank would have to go to court anyway? If so, I'm surprised nobody's done this, as surely this would be the best way to set precedence for future cases?
  15. I received my AQ yesterday and foolishly sent it off without first reviewing the suggestions provided by people on this site. In the section where it allows you to provide any additional information relating to the claim, I didn't write anything - is this likely to adversely affect my claim in any way?
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