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  1. The document is definitely signed by me, but I'm not sure about them. It's at home but I'll take it to work tomorrow and scan it and post it here. Yes I included "I do not acknowledge any debt" ... and no unfortunately I don't remember the last time I heard from capital one, I would say it would have been not long after I got the card? And no I haven't made any contact since I sent the CCA... Thanks for the replies and help B xx
  2. Hi everyone Update on this situation.... I sent the CCA, and they came back with a photocopy of my original agreement. I am now agian receiving letters on a regular basis, demanding payment, and with threats of court and agents being sent to my house.... What should I do now? Thanks for any advice B :-|
  3. Sh*t Sh*t Sh*t!!! The money isn't in my bank this morning, and one of my direct debits has come off today, meaning I am now overdrawn ... I'm going to be charged £30! Can I make Robinson Way pay this seens how it's all their fault!?
  4. Hi everyone Just had a call from Robinson Way, requesting my card details so they could process my refund ... so much for posting the cheque out yesterday, and not having the facility to do refunds over the phone! Anyway I can't really complain, the refund should show in my bank in the next day or 2, which is much better than waiting 5 days for a cheque to clear! Thanks again to everyone who helped xx
  5. :grin: Excellent! Thanks for doing that! If the cheque hasn't arrived by Wednesday, he'll definitely be receiving a call from me! Thanks
  6. I just got off the phone from RW ... With the help from all of you, I was completely ready for them, I had what I wanted to say all planned and written down.... and I didn't get a chance to say it!! I immediately asked to talk to a manager, and after 30 seconds of being on hold a "manager" picked up and said "Is it regarding your refund? It was posted out today and will be with you in the next couple of days" ... I told them if I didn't receive it by Wednesday I'd be seeking legal advice and calling back. But he assured me it should arrive. So now I guess it's wait and see! I really want to thank you all for your advice and for building up my confidence! You're all fab!! I'll let you know if it arrives! Thanks again ;-) A happier B
  7. I tried this already, and because I'd given Robinson Way my switch details to take off the original £50 there's nothing the Fraud centre can do....? Should I just call them and say if they don't sort something now then I'll go to police with theft? B
  8. Thanks to everyone who is helping me out with advice/suggestions on this. If I were to call them and say that if they don't agree something with me today that I'll hand it over to the police, and they still didn't agree, would I actually have to call the police? If I did I imagine this would take as long as waiting 4 weeks for the cheque to arrive and I really just need my money back now Thanks again...x
  9. Thanks oneofakind .. It was the fraud dept at my bank I spoke to and they or my bank can do nothing it seems.
  10. I want to call RW back just now, but I don't know what to say to them ... saying the same old thing "I have no money left ... I can't wait 4 weeks ... etc etc" doesn't seem to be working. I don't know what else to say/do
  11. Ok so I just called the bank and apparently they could only reverse the charge if it had happened today! meaning it can only be done on the day the money has been taken. I was then put through to the fraud deparment, who told me that because I gave RW my details to take the £50 there was nothing that could be done on the fraud side of things, and then the nice man recommended I try this website! Any other ideas? :confused:
  12. Yes I paid by switch. I bank with Royal Bank of Scotland ... should I just go call them up right now and tell them I didn't authorise this payment of £285 and ask if there is anything they can do? Or do I say something different? Thanks for replying ...
  13. I really hope someone can help me! I'm paying back an old overdraft to Robinson Way @ £50 per month. On the 22nd of Jan 2007 I called up to make me usual monthly payment, but the guy I was talking to "accidently" took £285 from my account instead of £50 ... he got all flustered and promised this would be refunded, around an hour later I got a call from them saying £235 would be refunded by cheque, so I said ok (thinking this would only take a few days to come). A week passed and no cheque comes and I have £12 left in my bank account and no other money! So I call back on 3 other seperate occasions, to be told the cheque can take 4 weeks to process!!!! I explained to them that I only have £12 and that I'm going to go overdrawn ... I then get a load of blah about how there's nothing they can do ... eventually I speak to a manager, who says she'll need to talk to a senior manager and call me back - she didn't call back! So again I call them (by this time, furious as this was THEIR mistake!!) and this time I'm told that a refund form was filled out and passed to a director to sign, but nobody is sure if it has been signed or how long it will take .... I then am told a "director" will call me back on Monday (today!) and I've heard nothing! I really don't know what do to, I'm living off loans from friends, and I can't touch the £12.77 in my bank because £12.30 interest comes off on 12th Feb. I am literally penniless and unable to sleep! These people are so quick at taking the money from my account but they don't seem to care about giving it back to me I NEED this money now (I don't get paid until 20th February) so I don't have time to write letters or anything to them, is there anything I can do over the phone?? Please help Seriously Depressed B
  14. Hi everyone thanks for the advice. I'm possibly just being really stupid her ebut I can't seem to find this CCA letter, could someone post it in here so I can copy and paste? Thanks Also ... This debt isn't quite 6 years old, well not until the end of this year, does that mean it won't be written off? Or should i just wait and see what they say? Thanks again B
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