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  1. Hi Not sure whether anyone will be able to help me with this, but I received a text today, number is 07557657688 Dont have anything with PPI anyway, and having looked up the company, it doesnt seem like they will tell me much My worry is that the text was addresses to my 9 year old son, not myself, and I am wondering how on earth this has happened My ex wife and his mother are not on the best of terms and I am genuinely worried she may have done something untoward Does anyone know how these things work and how a mix up like this may have happened? Mnay Thanks
  2. Hi First off so sorry for the delay, so many things happening (most not good unfortunately) Anyway the upshot of it is that I was given the summary judgement on the overdraft, plus the interest they have claimed on it, with costs to be decided later. The judge was actually an absolute gent and listened to everything I said, but said even despite the bank pulling the plug on my overdraft without me defaulting, he still had to give judgement as I was liable for the money, and much of the cca act doesn't apply He has given them another 3 months to find the loan agreement, wit
  3. Yep did the statement of truth bit, just didn't copy it on here Have PM'd you back
  4. Yes, although they are useless because they are copies that I can't read
  5. Excellent, thanks very much tom, I'll tweak that tonight and add all that you have put in Hopefully that can do the business tomorrow Thanks again and sorry for the numerous posts earlier but things were changin every second and I had been caught totally on the hop (which no doubt was there intention)
  6. It says the name of the bank, the location and street, no postcode
  7. Hi Tom Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at present, but have copied it out on a previous post Is this not sufficient, is it something specific?
  8. I have drafted this letter guys, which I intend to fax to the court tomorrow (may have to iron out a few things) Is this any good given the current situation Name Address Claim Number ****** URGENT - RESPONSE FROM DEFENDANT TO CLAIMANT'S APPLICATION FOR SUMMARY JUDGEMENT, REGARDING CLAIM *****, ****v *** Dear Sir Or Madam, On calling the court at approximately 10-15am on 22 May, I was informed that the claimant National Westminster Bank Plc had applied for summary judgement against me. I had not at that time been supplied, or served, with any applicatio
  9. OK, the original claim does break down the 2 accounts but this started such a long time ago, I have probably been guilty of letting my mind slip here, as the loan claim made up much more of the claim and this was what has made it drag on so long.(although I note the original claim isn't in their trial bundle) Not sure whether I put it earlier but they made me an offer 2 days on a without prejudice basis regarding settling for the amount of the overdraft only (although they didn't specify this was for the overdraft at the time), and parties to bear their own costs. I was about to repl
  10. This is the deafult notice Notice served under Sections 76 (1) and 98 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 IMPORTANT - YOU SHOULD READ THIS CAREFULLY Claimants Name and Address (Potscode Omitted) To: Name : My Name And Address Overdraft on Account Number : ****** Your overdraft is repayable on demand being made by the Bank: and such demand will terminate the overdraft arrangement. The Bank intends to demand payment of the Total Amount Outstanding as set out below (if necessary by court action) and accordingly terminate the overdraft on or after 04/03/05
  11. Summary judgement says 1 There be a judgement for the Cliamant for the sum of ***** (this is basically the overdraft plus interest) 2 The balance of the claim be adjourned generally with liberty to apply. 3 The Defendant to pay the Claimant's costs of these proceedings because 1 The Defendant has not raised any defence in respect of the Current Account numbered ***** under which the Claimant claims the sum of **** plus interest 2 The Defendant has raised a defence to the Loan Account putting the bank to strict proof that the Loan Agreement was signed. The Claimant is still
  12. Another update lol The court have contacted me to say there will no longer be a trial tomorrow, but a hearing instead to listen to their application for a summary judgement. So he hasn't given it to them as such, but we now seem to have an entirely different ball game and the costs they are going to apply for worry me far more than the last minute overdraft they are going to go for, as I am sure they will try to bump the costs up to cover any loss they feel they have on the loan Also the fact they want to adjourn the claim for the loan in case they findn the agreement, surely 18
  13. Right, sorry been busy, but things seem to have change right at the last minute putting me in a ridiculous situation All of a sudden they have now decided that part of the claim is actually for an overdraft (a very small part of it admittedly). I have just received the application for summary judgement through the door dated yesterday, so they have not complied with the requisite amount of time I'll go into details of amounts as I feel I must now Original claim was for 16k for various monies owed under loan account(s), now all of a sudden they are saying they cannot find the
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