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  1. Well thanks to everyone that has given me advice over the past few months. Following the letter I received from the Halifax the other day offering me part settlement I gave the man a call and have just made him increase his offer from £370 to £500 wich was £15 short of my demand so I'm very happy. His name was Jonathon Park 01912357810 incase any one else wants a contact number, he said they were very busy with this sort of thing at the moment, I wonder why ;-) As soon as I get my money I will be back to donate. Thanks again and don't give up the fight its worth it in the end!!! May try
  2. Well I received the reply to my letter requesting repayment. Almost a week later than it should have arrived but still. In it the Halifax have kindly offered £397 as a gesture of goodwill which is quite tempting, my claim is £574.99 so the offer is nearly £200 pounds short. What should I do now? Proceed with the Letter Before Action or do I need to take a different aproach. They have also threatnened to close my account if I go into unauthorised overdraft again! It says they've been trying to call me and thats why the letter is delayed, yet I have caller display and have had no missed calls wh
  3. Well I sent my Data request letter on the 2nd October, it was signed for on the 3rd October and the cheque for £10 cashed a few days later. On the 6th November the Halifax wrote me this letter COmpletion of Request for a list of transcations and charges Thankyou for your letter requesting specific information on your acount with us, I can confirm than copies of duplicate statements have been orderd and will be sent under seperate cover. With regard to your request for information relating to manual intervention on your account HBOS plc is under no statatury obligation to record this i
  4. Well I thought it was about time I came and introduced myself. My name is Cheryl and I'm married, and a stay at home mum to 2 children, 2 and 5 and we live in Warwickshire. So not much spare money floating about. I decided I had had enough after Halifax tried to charge me £99 this month. 2x £30 and 1x£39 Twice my card worked when I had no money and once a DD bounced. Managed to get the £39 dropped as a good will jesture, but they basicllay said they were standing by the other charges as my fault. I'm sure its their fault for authorising the card personally but still its TIME TO GET MY MONEY BA
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