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  1. Hi, we need some help and advice. To cut a long story short, bought a place for £118k in 2003 NR Together 125% mortgage + additional 15k for refurbishments, £600 per month. A year later mortgage up to £900 a month which was fine. We bought a property business in Spain and after 3 or 4 letters over 6 months from Northern Rock offerring £20k at same rate as mortgage we took this to improve our business in Spain, a block of rental apartments. The business in Spain began to fail and we borrowed more money from Northern Rock. Each time from a letter from them calling up and within
  2. So got a letter from BC+Co. (BCC) stating within 7 days will be filing a claim, from prev post think they def will. However I CCA'd both Frederickson and Moorcroft with no response. Am sending this tomorrow. Any comments? _____________________ Dear Sir/Madam, I write further to your recent letter dated 1st April 2008, received today. I have requested previously from both Egg and their debt companies a copy of my CCA however this has yet to be received. As previously stated, I can find no record of any debt of this size owing to Egg Banking PLC. I therefore do not acknow
  3. Hi, I really hope someone can help me, I am soo stressed I cant write a letter. I sent my CCA on the 19/09 to Direct Legal and Collections via recorded delivery. On the 24/09 I recieved a letter from HILLESDEN SECURITIES (same address as Direct Legal) thanking me for my letter but my £1 fee was not enclosed (IT 1000% was) and to resend this fee. On 26/09 I recieve a letter from Direct Legal dated 25th September starting, "We are most disapointed that you have failed to respond to our letters" I am soo confused! Are these 2 companies the same? Same address... Are th
  4. Hi Have been looking for 10 mins for the letter template to CCA Egg, cant find it anywhere... Can someone help please Thanks
  5. no is this the same as I did with Natwest for my charges i WON!
  6. Thanks for your replies, put my mind at ease a little. My debt is with egg not Moorcroft and I will quite happily settle the debt with egg but I am not dealing with the rude people at moorcroft!
  7. I have heard nothing until a call just now. A lady advised me she was calling from MDR. I asked who? and she said "Moorcroft" She advised me that I needed to start a payment plan with them and commence payments now before they commence legal action. I advised them I had not recieved my CCA yet and she said "It was sent on the 19th July, I will refer for legal proceedings if you dont pay now" I explained I would not pay until I had recieved my CCA, she said I had recieved it which I honestly have not. She wouldnt listen and kept talking over me and said fine we will have to commence procee
  8. They called again, they said that Egg posted me a CCA 3 days after I requested it, this has 100% definately not been recieved. I advised not recieved and she advised will be taken to court soon. I ended call. What if Egg do produce a CCA do I deal with Moorcroft still. Also I have not been given a deed of assignment.
  9. Thanks, do I need to write to Moorcroft when the 14+30 days are up?
  10. Right: Been away but here is an update: 18/06 - Letter from Moorcroft requesting payment of debt from Egg 21/06 - Letter posted below sent to Moorcroft for CCA (R/Delivery) 18/07/07 - Letter of Intended Litigation recieved from Moorcroft + £X for fees, court costs, solicitor costs etc... 18/07/07 - Called Moorcroft @ 5.11pm and spoke with Jenny, she demanded payment and I advised I hadnt recieved my CCA. She advised I had to send £10 for SAR (dont know if true) I advised I had no debt with them and wont deal with them, I said I wont speak with them as my debt is with Egg an
  11. Thanks guys, thanks Ali and Good Luck to you to. I will keep you posted.
  12. Of course, if they can't actually prove you owe the money... What do you mean?
  13. Thanks CB, but what does that mean and how do i do that lol? Can I get any default removed?
  14. Hi I am very new to this and would appreciate some help. I had an overdue Egg credit card amount at the beginning of January for £6000, I had to go away to spain due a family emergency and when had to stop working. When I returned, i found various letters from Moorcroft asking for £7900 within 7 days or they would be sending people round, taking me to court etc. I am very worried about this. I looked online and used the CCA letter template and 16 days later I have heard nothing - though the horrible calls have stopped! What do I do now, I do not contest that I owe money but my
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