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  1. Hi, I have received a letter from Equidebt saying someone will visit my house/place of work if I do not call them. Ive never dealt with any debt agencies before so not sure if i should ring them and agree to a payment plan (its for an overdraft im disputing with my bank) or if there is a letter I can send them. I am aware that sending them a letter will mean the deadline they have set will be passed by the time it reaches them and i may get a visit from someone, the debt is for £400, which is made up of bank charges that im trying to claim back many thanks for any advice
  2. Hi There, I was overdrawn on my account and am disputing the amount as I am claiming, this has been passed to Equidebt who have sent me a letter claiming they will have someone visit the house or place of work if I dont respond withing a few days. Any idea what I do next? Should I ring them, agree a payment plan of a small amount each month. Thanks in advance
  3. cheers for this advice....i have ignored and calls so far so will expect a letter any time soon.... how far does this MCS actually go to getting the money back? ps - is there a specific letter for an account in dispute/ phone harrassment?
  4. Hello, I have read a few posts about the above debt company. Ive been getting missed calls at some very strange times - sundays/saturdays etc. It is with regard to going overdrawn due to bank charges and then never using the account since as all my ins and outs are in a joint account seperate from this. the account is now closed and they have 'passed' it to Metropolitan Credit Services - which i understand is part of HSBC anyway. Im currently awaiting some bank statements in the post as i cant access them online any more, they owe me much more in bank charges than the amount i was overdue
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have put together a letter based on the temnplate. Can anybody advise how difficult it is to cancel this PPI, bearing in mind that according to the smallprint in my papaerwork, the finance company paid the insurance on my behalf and I pay them. I am paying £41 per month and would actually like to cancel it. Do I send a separate letter to request this? Thanks for any help
  6. I have had another look at the policy and it seems that the payment protection box has been ticked but i dont think that has been ticked by me, also the insurance company have been paid by Marsh Finance and then we pay Marsh Finance £40 a month to pay it off.... also when the documents were signed, none of this was explained and also i wasnt told about the PPI by the person who dealt with the finance side of things when i bought the car, i was told it was just split into 2 payments..... so on this basis am I eligible to claim?? if so then can someone recommend who i contact?
  7. to be honest I never take on payment protection insurance....im already covered for most things they offer for anyway.... it was all done at Carcraft and to be honest they kind of rushed through it and he didnt explain much and said something along the lines of ''the amount you are borrowing is spread over 2 amounts, one for x amount and a secondary one for this £1592'' which ive only recently noticed, after all this has come regarding PPI, is the exact same amount as mentioned on the Single Premium PPI policy sheet, with the same interest added and then the same total amount.... i w
  8. after purchasing a car on HP with Marsh Finance and on the agreement, there are 2 sections - principal agreement (HP) which is the bulk of the amount over 60 months - secondary agreement (loan) which is much less - £1592+ interest over 60 months the APR is different on both amounts, and they take the whole payment once a month on Direct debit also under the secondary agreement it says optional PPI + total charge for credit which is also for the amount of £1592 im not quite sure if they have added this PPI or they have just phrased it differently as its quite confusing, as th
  9. i have already claimed back charges from hsbc and won..... but im wondering....i have a joint account that has no overdraft facility on it, but the account has gone overdrawn due to direct debits, last month we were charged £150 (NOTIFIED FESS CHARGES) for going overdrawn on a number of occasions and each time it was £25...and were told that another £100 would follow are we able to reclaim these???? spoke to a 'lovely' woman at HSBC who said that we are not able to claim these back.....
  10. have to submit all the documents for the court pretty soon, has anyone got a checklist to make sure everything is there? Thanks
  11. the allocation questionaire has been sent off but the cheque for the fee was not enclosed......is there always a fee no matter how much you are claiming for, if so can this still be sent following the questionaire
  12. Went through money claim and recieved an Acknowledgment of Service of the claim and teh box ticked they wish to defend all of this claim. 'The defendent now has 28 days from date of service (13/11/06) to file a defence' so what normally happens here, as it is now getting close to the deadline, should they send me something else?? thanks
  13. i made the claim online so thought i didnt have to include the charges in a spreadsheet again....
  14. Hello there, ive already got my money back from hsbc pretty much straight away but im doing this claim for my brother, i went through the usual stages and then ended up filing a claim through Money Claim, received a response just saying that: 'an acknowledgement of your claim has been filed today and a copy is attached. The defendant now has 28 days from the date of service of the claim form to file a defence' and on the acknowledgment they have ticked that they will defend all of the claim! Do I need to do anything else at this stage yet or do I still wait? if i wait what sha
  15. Hello, I sent my first letter for a refund of £1300, and within 2 weeks I got a response to say they will pay up, so i returned the signed sheet and the money should be in my bank within 7 working days of their receipt!! Does anyopne have a contact number I can ring to chase this up, my letter came from Colin Langdale, but has no number on the letter Thanks for the help!!! CH
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