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  1. Why do you need a solicitor? I have claimed back PPi from 5 financial firms with only the help of my good friends here on CAG. By so doing, I ensured that all the refunds I received remained MINE!!! You may very well want to do the same or mebbe it's a bit too late for that. Good luck anyway.
  2. Hi di0430 I do hear what you are saying about HSBC wanting or having closed Endeavour, but as far as I am concerned I am not looking for Endeavour to provide me with a Loan, but rather for redress for mos-sold PPI. So wrapping up Endeavour to me is irrevelant now, as mis-selling for me was done in 2003. That's just how I see it!!!
  3. You cannot ask MBNA to knock anything off the Credit Card as they no longer hold the debt. What you will need to do is to claim your PPI and also the charges from MBNA and then you can use that to offer the DCA a payment that you are going to pay in full and final settlement for the debt as they did not pay MBNA all the money for the debt (I think I read it somewhere that they pay something as low as 15 or 20%). Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks you guys, I really did not look at things in that way..... If indeed we got these Loans from the brokers, how come they were not involved with calculating the rebates? Ha Ha..... I am awaiting Endeavours reply to a letter sent last Friday....I will hit them with this next. Thanks again
  5. Hi di430, I did receive a S.A.R. Endeavour have been trying to pass this off as the responsibility of the Broner, but I amd not having any of it. Ihave sent them a letter last week telling them that I did not take a Loan from the broker which was the Black and White Company. I intend to take this to court if I have to. Keep pressuring them. I will let you know how I get on. Demy
  6. Well done BB23 HSBC was one of the more easier financial institutions that have refunded PPI to me!!! They are ok for something I guess!!!
  7. I parked on what I thought was a single yellow line (one of the line is absolutely and completely faded), for 5 minutes to pop into a Lawyers office. As I was going in I saw a Police car on the opposite side of the street about two car lengths away. There were roughly about 6 other cars already parked when I pulled up, insomuch that I had to reverse back between two cars. None of the other cars had any tickets on, so I thought that it was ok to park, which I did. When I came out, there was a Ticket on my car stating that on 27/07/08 from 1550 to 1555 hours. I intend to contest the tic
  8. They have offered the following : refund of premiums £566.39 refund of 13.9% £333.41 interest at 8% £273.37 total £1173.17 I have had an offer much the same as yours KaneCole, however my argument is the fact that Halifax has chosen to totally forget the actual PPI, with no mention of refunding any of that. All they have offered me is the actual premiums that I have paid to date, plus interest etc. I do not think that this is right as all the other banks that I have had refunds from have all given back the PPI and not just the premiums. I also asked HBOS to send me a bre
  9. Any help appreciated, please!!! I have written to Lloyds requesting Credit Card charges back and have received 2 standard letters saying these charges are fair......blah, blah, blah. I am now ready to take it to the next level of submitting a claim. My question however regards the N1 Form, and the way in which it should be completed. I would also like to get some advice on the Cardholder Protection that was levied on the Card. Can I combine the Charges and the Payment Protection in the Claim? My gut feeling is that I should do them separately. Any help is more than welcome.
  10. Thanks Alanalana, I get what you are saying about keeping the Broker in the know to makie them aware of what Endeavour's up to!!! thanks for that!!!
  11. Endeavour Personal Finance have replied asking me to contact the Broker to take my cloam further - they even had the audacity to supply the Brokers name and address - talk about being helpful!!!
  12. Should'nt one of the question that is being asked here be that of 'What is the role of the Broker?' The way I see it is as if my bags at the airport are damaged, I should not seek redress from British Airways but rather from the 'bag handler' who put my bag on the luggage lorry!!!! I think not!!! I am having the same issues with Endeavour, in that they are trying to point me in the direction of the Broker that I went through to get my Loan, but I am not having any of it.......so watch this space!!!
  13. Hi Feebs, I successfully reclaimed my PPI from Firstplus and did get the PPI returned onto the Loan (which in efect reduced the balance on the loan). I also got the Premiums I had paid to date refunded directly back to me while also receiving the portion of the PPI that I had paid to date paid directly to me by cheque with interest. And yes I did get a substantial reduction in my mnthly payment. I DO STILL HAVE MY LOAN WITH FIRSTPLUS!!!! Hope this helps.
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