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  1. No when the guy checked it out it came from my original branch in hounslow. He suggested they could've paid me back PPI? I think that's very generous considering I hadn't finished the claim. I think you are right need to go back and discuss with someone else. I just wondered if there was a time limit to unclaimed moneys.
  2. Just a quick question, some money has turned up in my Lloyds account and I have no idea where it has come from. I went to the bank nearly two weeks ago and they said they will block the account and investigate the money. The money was paid in on the 18th Sept. My question: is there a length of time to wait before the money becomes mine? Should I go back to the bank or just wait it out? I feel the longer I leave it the more likely it will become mine lol! Wishful thinking I know. Any suggestions would be grateful.
  3. Hello there people, Finally received a massive bundle of statements from Lloyds. Now to sift through them. I take it I can claim back the PPI, but can I claim any charges made that may have taken me overdrawn??? I remember doing something like that when I reclaimed my bank charges. I have been browsing around and trying to find a step by step guide for PPI's, I will keep looking but any hint where it might be will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thank all so much. This site has helped me so much and allowed me to help others. Get off my land!! it is shall tell my parents too.
  5. Lol! I like that answer. Feel like sending them that message in huge letters, these letters are so annoying. I know I ran from debts many years ago but surely they are dead and buried by now. Thank you for your advice.
  6. Hello again, @dk100uk I am so sorry I didn't get round to completing your request. I actually went off traveling to India for several months and only just got back. I have managed to wade my way through a mountain of mail to find more letters from Aktiv lol! However one dated 18/11/12 states ' We would like to confirm to you that we are still waiting for information to be supplied to ourselves from the original creditor. This information is required by ourselves to resolve the query. Your account with us continues to remain on hold, whilst we await this information.' Then there is a letter from Tempus Solutions dated 05/02/2013 offering me a massive discount and only paying £122.26 and they pay £489.02!!! This company is part of Aktiv Kapital. This letter's reference is the same as the one they declare to be 'on hold.' I then check my mail at my parents address (which was my base address for a while) and find a letter from Nexis Credit Uk. I looked them up and they are a new company from Jan 2012, but according to Company checker it is run by one member. This company states, 'Your account with our client Aktiv Kapital has been passed to our firm for collection and the balance shown above is now due. I must inform that payment in full of this outstanding balance is required within 10 days in order to prevent further debt recovery action, which may include a visit to your property. This debt appears to have different reference number to the above mentioned letters. I don't like the thought of someone turning up at my parents address and being all threatening to them as they are very old, and with a bit of harrassment would get out a cheque book and pay whatever the bully was asking. I was thinking of phoning them initially to take this address off their records, but not willing to acknowledge this debt. Or shall I just send them a copy of the 'doorstep visitor' letter and an address where they can contact me. To be honest this letter was dated 21/03/13 and 10 days are now up. I hope they (I mean he - the only member of this company) doesn't decide to visit. Please could you advise me accordingly. Thank you once again for all your help.
  7. I am not a professional at all and can only give you some advice which you may well have thought of yourself. Firstly I would contact a solicitor, maybe even go and make a police statement that this man is threatening your mother. Did you not get a receipt or anything? That was a little foolish but I imagine you know that. Where abouts did this transaction take place. Perhaps if it was in a public place there maybe be cameras showing the exchange. I'm not sure I have any other advice really - I would get a solicitor defo.
  8. Ok so its been a while since I did this with a bank account but I hoping its done the same way. Firstly I am going to request an SAR so I have everything in front of me. Do they have 40 to reply? I can't remember. I know I have to send £10 to cover costs. I have found a decent template too.
  9. Hello I thought I'd carry on this thread. I hope its the right place to do this. My boyfriend has decided to try and get the money directly from his ex-girlfriend. Unfortunately his contract states he is liable for the account, but her name is on the card and so he is requesting all details of expense put on that card. Firstly he is going to write to her again and see if she will agree to a repayment plan. I was wondering if there is a section on here for taking some one to small claims court, with perhaps a guidance of how to do so, maybe letter templates etc. Much appreciate any help.
  10. Hi there, just been chatting to my boyfriend and unfortunately he has only had the card for a year and a half! I suggested he sends a SAR to them with £10 and hopefully he will be able to show her spending and his and then clear off his own name. Is that the right option?
  11. Not sure what I'd do without the advice from you guys on here.
  12. Ok I will phone him later and find out about that, but I'm sure it was after. I will confirm later thank you for your reply.
  13. On the statement they sent me it says Date, Payment - Westcot Credit Services, followed by an amount So according to them payments have been made through 2006-31/03/2009. I am going to go and try find out where I paid this from but I think that bank account is now closed. It doesn't say I paid only Westcot Credit Services paid. I orginally defaulted on 23/09/02 and then the next payment is 31/10/06. Again on the statement is says Westcot Credit Services. According to this I then defaulted again 31/03/2009. Neither of these lengths of time are 6 years, I think this is what they arguing about. Big thank you.
  14. Yes but I paid £1 in 2009 to West Cott.
  15. Ok so I sent them the letter = statue barred they sent me one back saying that I admitted the debt back in 2009 when it belonged to West Cott. I do remember writing letters a while ago when I was trying to sort out my debts saying I would pay £1 until further notice. But this was not with Aktiv this was with someone else which seems to be West Cott. Unfortunately I have looked back on all my files and I can't find the original letters I sent. I lost lots of information years ago when my computer had a v nasty virus. As they are saying the last payment was 2009 it is not statue barred. But it is not on my credit file. I believe it was and that would've been why I sent the letter in the first place, however it no longer is. I'm not sure what to do, I don't want to pay any of it as I feel it is a past debt which I believe is statue barred, and they are playing a very naughty game trying to get the money from me. If the debt was originally with West Cott then what does it have to do with Aktiv? Cheers for any advice from you very helpful people.
  16. Oh he has never admitted that the debt is all his at any point. If he did get the two statements could he then say he is only willing to pay for the one he actually owes. He just doesn't want it to affect his credit rating if he defaults.
  17. Hello there, the debt is post 2007 and he has paid monthly on it since he opened it. He still has both cards and they are registered to her address and not his. His is the only name on the contract. They are not chasing him for the debt as he is just paying the card off as it is still an active account. I was going to suggest to him to request statements for each card. The one in his name and the one in hers, then see if they will separate the cards and chase her for the amount she owes. Would this work? Cheers.
  18. Ooo you've got me there lol! I'm not sure I will have to ask him, but knowing what a nice and honest guy he is he probably pays it monthly. I will gather some more info from in and get back to you. Cheers for you time and patience it is very much appreciated.
  19. Well I've gathered some other advice and its seems my boyfriend was the only one to sign the document, he then added her name as an extra card holder. Think he has been well and truly shafted by her, I do feel sorry for him. I suggested to him to contact the debt department of Santander and cancel the account and see if they will move it over to a debt, at least that way he won't be paying interest rates on it. I'm not sure how else he can deal with this as I think he completely liable for the amount. Any further advice would be most grateful thankyou.
  20. Hello there can anyone give me some advice on this? mucho appreciated.
  21. Thanks for such a quick reply.. letter already drafted ready to print. Shall send it today hopefully they will leave me alone then.
  22. Hello I have received a letter from Aktiv Kapital regarding an old debt they have managed to drag up. I requested an SAR and they sent me the signed contract and photocopies of all the last few statements to GE Captial Bank where I have made no payment and they have charged me all sorts of legal costs. The last date on this document is 12/09/02 and this is not a payment I made but charges I incurred. This debt is no longer on my recent credit report and one I had forgotten about to be honest. Does this mean I would be ok sending a statue barred letter to them? Any advice would be grateful, thank you.
  23. Hello all, I need some advice, well actually my boyfriend does. He and his ex-partner took out a credit card with Santander, he tells me he was the main cardholder and her name was added as a second card holder. She has now buggered off leaving him with a repayment of £6000. Santander then took her name off the account, leaving him the owner of this debt!! What a bitch I know. Anyhow, can they take her name off the account without his permission? He wants to pay half and then pass the debt to her, but I don't think it will work that way? But I'm not sure? Any advice would be most grateful. Cheers lovely people.
  24. Hi, could someone give me some advice please. I've just received a letter from Welcome finance (should be not so welcome really) it says I have been served under section 87(1) consumer credit act. This is an old debt of mine a loan for £1500 which they now request I pay £8936.50 and if I don't pay within 14 days it will have £5972.15 worth of 'default interest' stuck on it and I'll be forced to pay £14908.65!! As you can see from my emoticon reaction I don't have that type of cash. My annual income is only £10,000 and I'm on Working Tax Credit. I have no assets, no money and my car is worth £200. I must admit for many years I've buried my head in the sand and ignored my debts hoping they would go away, some have but I was young and stupid. I was hoping this debt was over 6 years old, but I'm not sure. Does it mean I have to have no contact with them for 6 years if so then I know I contacted them in 2008 poo! Also they are cheeky the letter was dated 03/12/11 so its taken 5 days to get here!!! Could anyone give me the best advice, personally I'd like to just ignore it, but I'm thinking its about time I faced up to my misdemeanors of the past and sorted it out.
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