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  1. Ok so im at step 3 in the sense that Barclays have offered me a 50% total payment to settle on my charges but when I look at the letter it doesnt really look right for what I should be sending next... Basically I just want advice on what steps I should be taking now to let them know I will accept their offer but not as total and finished... Sorry if I should have been able to find this but the next letter doesnt seem to make any sense... Thanks Steve
  2. Ok so Im at step 2 now and have filled in my spreadsheet for the charges over the last 6 years plus done my letter. Do I send it to my local branch or send it recorded to head office and to whom there? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place just want to know where exactly I should send it to to reclaim my cash. Thanks for any help
  3. Hi there, I am at stage 2 on my reclaim charges and have filled in the spreadsheet and letter etc but am unsure where to send it?? Do I just take it into my local Barclays branch and hand it in? Do I need to write on the front anyones name, manager etc? Sorry if this is in the wrong section but arent really sure where to take it and who to address it to... Many thanks for any advice......
  4. Ok so I sent my original letter to Barclays and they kindly waived my £10 fee for my statements and sent me them. Ive put all the info into a spreadsheet and downloaded the letter and filled in my details. Basically where do I send the letter and spreadsheet to? What is the step after this? Thanks
  5. Ok so I sent off my original letter and received my statements back. Ive gone throught them and popped them into the spreadsheet. Firstly where do I send them to for Barclays. 2nd What do I send? 3rd Do I send recorded??? Thanks for any info cant wait to get some hard cash back.....
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