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  1. I had 1 satisfied default, otherwise perfect credit history, couldn't even get a basic bank account! Had to wait it out the full 6 years...
  2. Royal Mail have sent my items to an incorrect address. The parcels were sent by the sender without any insurance or tracking. I can see my new lightshades in the scummy bedsit over the road and I'm 99% sure they're mine, although I can't prove that they didn't coincidentally go out and buy the same ones. I've alerted the seller to this and they would hopefully refund me, but is there any way I can get them back from the theives?! They're the only lightshades I could find that were ideal with my decor!!!
  3. Hi everyone! I've sent a Data Protection Act Subject Access Request to my doctors, requesting my medical history. They are happy to provide the computerised history (from 2003) for the statutory £10 fee. However, they have asked for a fee of £50 if I want my paper-based information. Can they do this? Many thanks, Jen
  4. Hi all My partner has a Debt Management Programme through a company which has managed to freeze the interest on his accounts. Does anyone know how these companies negotiate the freezing of interest? Is there some legislation that they quote? I would like to help my partner manage his debt, without having to pay another company £35 a month! Many thanks, Jen
  5. Hi there everyone! Having trouble switching my electricity suppier, because I'm on E.ON Economy 7 with HEATWISE. Apparently no other supplier will touch Heatwise meters. E.ON will charge me £50 to change my meter. Surely they can't afflict this charge on me? I never asked to be with E.ON or on the Heatwise meter! I feel like I'm being bullied into staying with E.ON and I'm paying around £100 per month for a 1 bedroom flat. The only thing on 24 hours is the fridge and the only time anything is on is when I get back from work at 6pm and turn everything off before bed at 11pm. It's ridiculous!!! Please help! Thanks x
  6. During a leap year salaried workers throughout the UK are required to work an extra day with no compensation. There is currently no provision of extra pay in a leap year so either 29th February should be classed as a bank holiday or employees should be entitled to an extra days leave. Petition to: make 29th February a bank holiday. Hurry! Petition ends February 11th!!!
  7. Have you taken your complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office? I complained to them in September 2007, unfortunately due to a massive backlog they are unable to deal with my complaint for a good few months yet as they are still dealing with complaints submitted in June 2007. Is anyone else having difficulties with the ICO?
  8. They've lowered their fees - at last! BUT - They've risen the amount of times they can charge you!!! Unplanned Overdraft Monthly Fee: £15 1 per month Unplanned Overdraft Daily Fee: £6 / £15 / £20 10 times a month until paid (fee dependant on amount owed) Returned Items Fee: £20 3 times a DAY Lets say, for example, you're having the worst month ever (you lost your job and fell into a coma!), they could charge you anything up to: £1,115 per month!!! I'm glad I don't use my Lloyds TSB account any more!
  9. It's conmen Numbers starting in 070 are premium rate. When you call back to find out who called, you hear a beep or "please wait" and them more ringing - you are being charged for listening to that ringing. I've had it a few time. Clicked on after receiving my phone bill!!! NEVER CALL 0 7 0 !!!
  10. Can someone help me... I'd like to take action against my ex-creditor for sending my mail to my old address, after numberous occasions (at least ten) telling them that I've moved. I am currently in the process of getting bank charges back from this particular ex-creditor. When I get my money back I am going to the Information Commisioner to get my default removed, so maybe I could talk to the Information Commisioner about this too. What do we think?
  11. Won't rejecting the full money put me in the pooh with the court though?
  12. I've paid my Sherriff Officer who has gone round and done something because this morning I received a letter saying: With reference to the default judgement you have obtained under the above claim number, I am writing to inform you that a cheque for the sum of £200 is being issued and will be sent to you in due course. The sum is paid in full and final settlement of your claim. Please also note that payment is made with no admission of liability and is subject to your agreement not to court publicity, or disclose or refer to any third party the background to this matter, and to keep the terms of this settlement strictly private and confidential. Now, the whole point of this case is to go to the Information Commissioner to get my default removed. Now, surely, they're in no position to make an offer with terms and conditions. Can I just say: "I don't accept your offer with the terms and conditions, just pass on the cheque to my debt colectors, without terms and conditions. Thanks." ???
  13. I can't believe I didn't update this thread!!! Whoops! Dizzy Blonde! I GOT A SETTLEMENT OF £700 That's another win! Whey hey!!!
  14. I can spare a tenner! lol Sorry not checked in in a while! Will contact that pair, thanks you guys xxxxx
  15. Right, after about a year, my brother has finally handed over the cash for court!!! Can I just go straight to court or do I have to give them another 28 days?
  16. Hi all, I'm starting a claim against LloydsTSB I received a letter saying that the charges were for services (the agreeing or rejection of setting up or increasing an overdraft) and that because I hadn't broken the agreement, the penalty charges are NOT penalty charges, but charges for services. After all this Lloyds TSB 'won' the case in which the claimant was reclaiming 'service charges' - Where do I stand?
  17. Well, the local solicitors I contacted don't know much about consumer law and the Citizens Advice Bureau only has 6 hours of call-in time a week and no-one answers the bloomin' phone. Help? Please?
  18. Thanks matey! Any other thoughts? Anyone? Do any legal experts frequent this site?!
  19. I don't think you'll be able to use an English court, it has to be local to you I believe. Anyway, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, RBS Litigation, 1 Princess Street, London, EC2R 8PB
  20. I sent the following to my local County Court: As you will see from the claim notes, I have been awarded Judgement in Default and I have since had the judgement registered in Scotland. The next step to enforcing the judgement in Scotland is to instruct a Sheriff Officer to execute the warrant. Unfortunately, this involves a large payout upfront funded by myself. I believe that a much simpler and cost-effective course of action would be to serve a Warrant of Execution on the defendant’s English address. The defendant’s English address is below: If a PO Box address is insufficient, the defendant’s parent company’s address is below: Please advise what you propose would be the best course of action. I would prefer to keep the litigation within England if at all possible. If a new claim must be made to pursue this claim with the defendant’s parent company, please advise by return. and my cout replied: The court cannot advise. what do I do?!
  21. Only just spotted this thread. Interested x
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