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  1. Update The EHO came around and agreed that the DPC had been compromised over an extended period of time and that it is no way my daughters fault and recommend the Land Lord release her from her tenancy agreement immediately and at no cost, they have subsequently agreed to this and have asked for a list with receipts for the damaged items so here is hoping. Once again thank you everyone for their assistance
  2. Thanks everyone for your help, I have written a letter to the letting agency and the environmental health and things seem to be moving they EH are coming to look at the property on Monday and the letting agency have stated that they are willing to release us from the lease as soon as we want with no penalties etc so now all I need to do is see if we can get any of the damaged belongings and furniture replaced, I don't hold out much hope but if you don't try then you don't get.
  3. Well thanks for that useful comment, she actually does have insurance but they are refusing to pay on the grounds it has been caused by the property and is the responsibility of the Landlord
  4. Morning all after some advice as to what my daughters rights are regarding a privately rented flat that is suffering from extreme mould and damp, this has left the 2 bedrooms as uninhabitable and she is having to live in the living room. The property maintenance company originally said it was condensation but the letting agency sent around someone who confirmed it is caused by damp. She is now stuck in a property that she cannot use half of and paying full rent with £1000's of personal furniture and clothing ruined. Would it be worth with holding rent? who would we claim her personal belonging
  5. Sorry it took so long to get back been away at work etc. Back to Bennetts managed to eventually get hold of customer Services (by phone) only to be told by the lady that the letter couldn’t be found and that was why I had not been contacted, a sense of humour failure followed at this point and I got to speak to a manager, I explained to the manager what had gone on and what I expected to happen and that I thought I had been more than patient etc and he promised me he would look into it. Got to speak to someone the following day and was informed that they would lend me a similar TV if min
  6. Well I have dropped off the letter on Thursday midday and called on Saturday to see what the outcome was, only to be told "oh you're the one" and that it would be dealt with in due course. My question from this is how long should I let it go before I start chasing?
  7. Thanks for that it always pays to have a second set of eyes to look over it, thats the trouble when you read it so many times you miss duplicated or stray words.
  8. Thanks for all the help I will be going home a day early and I am passing the store on the way home so I have drafted this letter, what do you reckon Bennetts Electrical Hall Lane Norwich Date 17 October 2007 Dear Sir or Madam Faulty 40 Inch Samsung LCD TV Last Friday 12th October 07 I enquired at your Customer Service desk as to the procedure for returning my Samsung LCD Television that I purchased from your East Dereham Branch in April of this year, as the sound on the set randomly becomes extremely distorted and will not clear until the set has been tur
  9. Thanks for all of the pointers I will deal with it this weekend when I get home (I work away all week) sorry a bit late with the thanks I was travelling all day yesterday. I will let you know the outcome as soon as I have it. Bullyboy
  10. Thank you for your assistance I will call Samsung when I get home on Friday, and if I'm not happy then back to the shop it will be armed with the SOG and I will not leave until I am satisfied. As for the Sky HD box I have done a bit of surfing and it would appear to be a common problem so I will try some of the suggestions of how to cure it before taking it back.
  11. I bought a 40 inch LCD Samsung TV and Sky HD box from Bennetts in Norwich in April this year however the TV sound has decided on a random basis to become completely distorted and the only way to reset it is to turn it all off and back on, then to top it all off the sky HD box happily records what I ask but then refuses to play back certain recorded programmes even though it says they are there. So I went to Bennetts this weekend and asked what the score was with a view to gettinng these items changed and was told basically it was not their problem and to ring the Samsung number they gave me fo
  12. Just a thought but do you have any utility bills from before British Gas took over that can show what your usage was? if you do you at least have a basis to show what your usage used to be in units. I had a disagreement some years ago with Eastern Electricity when my usage unexpectedly went up and they changed the meter and monitored how much the usage was in the following quarter and then amended the bills accordingly.
  13. About 7 years ago my mother in law decided to move closer to us after her husband had died some 5 years earlier, She was too old to get a mortgage so my wife and I took out a mortgage for 17000 which was the difference required between selling her old house and the cost of the new one (55,000). She paid us each month for the amount the mortgage was and it went straight out of my account each month no problem, last year I had some spare cash so I cleared her mortgage completely for her so she could retire and not have to work to pay us her mortgage, so we cleared everything and the deeds duly t
  14. About 5 years ago my mother in law moved down to live near us after her husband passed away, at the time I helped her buy a house near by and paid the mortgage. Anyway circumstances have changed and I can't really afford to keep subsidising her house etc so the long and short of it is I was considering renting it to her and then she will be able to get housing benefit. My questions are Can I rent to a relative who would then be in receipt of housing benefit? How do I go about becoming a landlord? Do I set up a business account and keep everything seperate? The house is
  15. The Pre-lim hearing that I was down to have did state on it that the judge may make a decision to make judgment on the case at the pre-lim hearing. I took no chances and got my court bundle sent off ASAP to both the bank and the court via recorded delivery. Waited a week then called Barclays to see if they were going to send me a copy of their papers at which point they settled. Make sure you have completely read the Pre-lim paperwork that was sent to you and act accordingly it is not just a formality to tie up loose ends.
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