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  1. Thanks a lot for that. Bad timing I guess and the amount mentioned in the story is about the same as the amount my friend wants to claim! Still I the potential benefit still outweighs the risk!
  2. My friend has been trying to reclaim bank charges from Lloyds TSB. They didnt reply to initial approach for repayment. She then wrote Letter before Action and they lodged £600 as a 'good will gesture' into her account, but would not pay anymore. I am thinking that she should go straight to the online Money claim now. Is that correct? Does she need to do a new approach for the revised amount? Thanks
  3. Hi All, Finally got my statements through and have highlighted all the charges. I have highlighted all irregular account charges £various Direct Debit Bounces £30 Unarranged borrowing fees £30 Letters £various Is this reasonable. Should I try and claim everything? Just over £1000 over 6 years, would be nice right about now!!
  4. Heres the best bit, they won't give me a cheque book!! Another one of my gripes!! Apart from going overdrawn with them I have a completely clean credit history!!!
  5. Just a quick question, can the £10 fee be in cash?
  6. Hey Folks, Just recently was introduced to the site at a time when I've simply come to the end of my teather with my bank (Ulster Bank, part of RBOS). I was hoping someone could help me. I've looked at the guides on how to reclaim but cannot find a letter template requesting the list of charges but am told that one does exist.Can anyone help me? Thanks Steve
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