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  1. Yes you will have to pay as it is in your terms and conditions Cancelling the DD will only stop you making payments from your bank as it is your PAYMENT METHOD - it doesn't affect your insurance company - they will just charge you for missed payments.
  2. Depends on your insurance policy, check it to see if you're entitled to a courtesy car. It is the fault of the third party as she should have ensured there was enough distance to stop in case of an emergency. You will have to pay your excess in order for your insurance company to pursue your claim for damages to your car and your personal injuries. You could get a hire car but I'd advise you to get a very cheap one, keep all receipts and once the third party has been deemed liable, you will be re-imbursed.
  3. I'm surprised you could claim for this as liquid was spilt on it by accident! I don't think you necessarily have to accept the claim, I'd get together a list of current prices in the market and send it off to the insurers and contest their settlement offer, and hopefully they might offer you something more.
  4. I'd probably not give my consent to it by not signing anything, but at the same time I'd keep my keys with me all the time, and stick to the speed limits like I'm supposed to. The letter looks shabby, it isn't personally addressed to anyone because it's just a memo to all the staff, if the company was taking it seriously surely they would address it personally, otherwise how can they prove you've seen it? Anyway I'd just drive carefully, stick to the limits, and keep me keys with me
  5. The council have a reponsibility to ensure the roads are in a good condition so if they don't re-imburse your out of pocket I would kick off BIG TIME!!! Good luck.
  6. Any glazing or part of that glazing, which is between the finished floor level and a height of 800mm above the floor level, is in a 'critical location'. Toughened glass is usually used nowadays anyway, most popular being Pilkington K glass. Depending on your excess, I'd say try and get the pane bought at trade, and try and find a friend who can do you a favour and fit it, and send the proof of purchase to claim on the insurance. Maybe the guy who came round has a contact at a double glazing company and will get a nice wade of cash if he puts you in touch. You shouldn't notice a difference in the glass that's fitted if you keep your existing frames. Regards your actual questions, not too sure but I'm guessing if you don't go through insurance you'll have to pay for it yourself, and hopefully someone can give you some better advice with the second question!!
  7. I wouldn't worry about it too much, especially seeing as you have an independent business owner who will confirm your story.
  8. So you can get your finger sewn back on privately then
  9. Nah don't close it, just remove my comments from it if you're that bothered, and I promise I won't reply on it again. It's not fair for 'questioner' to suffer because I'm being a clown. Deal?
  10. I never offered any advice pal - and I didn't mean to bring it down to a slanging match - I was just having a bit of banter - surely you're okay with it though as you sure give as good as you get! How is your finger anyway is it getting better?
  11. They would encourage you if there was something in it for them! Bit of commission maybe! Targets to hit!
  12. So today this DAS Group called again today, spoke to a girl called Vicky, she sounded like she was purely there to try and get me to put an injury claim in... Anyway, the conversation went like this: Me: ''So what's your name again sorry?'' Vicky: ''It's Vicky'' Me: ''Oh right Vicky ehhh, and whereabouts are you from then?'' Vicky: ''I'm from South Wales'' Me: ''Ohhhh South Wales ahh righhht and how old are you then Vicky?'' Vicky: ''I'm 23'' Me: ''Ohhh 23 ehhh, and can I ask you Vicky, have you ever been smashed in the rear?'' Vicky: ''Not for a while'' ______________________________________ Fear not dear Vicky, I shall soon sort that out.
  13. I'd sooner mess about on my mother's PC than mess about with a dog.
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