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  1. Hooray Hooray hooray, Letter yesterday, they are paying up in full and even waiving the £60 worth of charges which were due to be taken out in july!!!!!!!! Our charges only totalled £460 so not a great deal compared to some. Would have been great if we'd got the chance to take them to court and got all the interest too but to be honest i wasnt relishing the idea of paying the court fees with no gaurantee of winning so i'm glad it's all over!!! Thanks to everyone who helped, i wish you all well in your claims,.
  2. thats briliant, i have been dragging my feet over ours for a while but your posts have inspired me.
  3. I have recieved a letter from lloyds stating that they sent a letter in august telling me that they considered the case closed and gave me 6 months to ocntact the ombusman if i was still not happy. I dont think i recieved this letter so have sent another letter today stating this and giving them another 7 days. We have just come back from holiday and by mistake have gone overdrawn on both accounts again. thats another £60 which i've added to the spreadsheets. If they have sent the letter and i have not recieved it can i still go to court or will they claim that i've left it too long. We
  4. don't worry their are plenty of people here who can help!!! I'm sure you'll be fine.
  5. don't worry im's sure it will be worth it in the end
  6. quite possibly, the ticket should be clear and readable. send it back to the address where they ask you to make payement with an accompanying letter
  7. Well done lets hope there's good news to come for all of us!!!
  8. You are definately doing the right thing. Your doing exactly what we alll are. Have you been charged for anything before?? If so claim that aswell. Follow the steps in the library on what you need to do and claim everything. If it is only £70 i imagine you will get it back quite quickly. By sending the standard letter they are hoping that people will just accept them as you quite rightly said. Obviously saving them money.
  9. Right i heard nothing back from LBA so guess no i have to start proceeding with the courts. I have been in hospital having an op on my foot and am now in plaster. on the mend slowly so gonna make the most of the time off and get this sorted. What is the best way to file it, should i go to the court with a N1 or do it online. I know before i ws gonna take it but not sure now Advice needed???
  10. Have checked with royal mail. Was signed for on 23rd so now we wait!!!!
  11. Posted my 2nd LBA today fingers crossed!!!! Now we wait!!!!!!! :!:
  12. It will be fine charges are quite easy to spot as they are all itemised!! 50 envelopes is an awful lot though!!!!
  13. Really?? I assume i'll just get the usual response??!!! Actually claiming on behalf of my other half. ONly about £500 but could really do with it at the minute and it's the principle of it. Spreadsheets are ready so i'll send the LBA again and then wait.
  14. Right the time has come and i am now ready to go to court!!! Haven't actually done anything about this since october when lloyds said that "they would not discuss it any further" have i left it too late??? Concerned i won't get the money back as they have now said that charges are being lessened and therefore i will noly get the difference back??? Any advice??
  15. Thanks Barty, Had a pretty bad new year as my nan died new years day also money is a bit tight but i'm going to prepare all the info ready to send once i have the court fees available.
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