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  1. After having the day to think about this and as much as it would be lovely to have the extra money I will always be worried about spending it as i'm sure it will come back to bite me in the a** when I least expect it. Looks like I will be holding my hands up on this one and contacting them in the morning. Still don't think they deserve it though...
  2. Received a full offer this morning from DG solicitors of £3200 including £120 MCOL fee, BUT as HSBC disputed my online claim it was transferred to my local court and a further £100 in charges were paid which have not been refunded. Shall I contact DG Solicitors and make them aware of this and try to get this £100 back or should I just be happy with what i've received. Any help and advice would be much appreciated and thanks for you time.
  3. I have received a letter this morning from HSBC a response to my LBA dated 21st Nov. In this letter they are asking for a breakdown of all of the charges to include the date, description of the charge and amount applied and are asking that I do not just send in my statements, but this is a tad late. I sent these statements on the 2nd Nov and I highlighted all of the charges incurred, and never received a response until now. Since then I have stuck to my timetable and have filed MCOL of which they acknowledged on 11th Dec. Am a little confused as to what to do next, as far as i'm concerned it's out of my hands and will just have to wait to see what there response is to the MCOL. Also, am I receiving a response so late because there is such a backlog and is there letter just standard and are they aware of MCOL I have filed? Seems to be the people who sent this letter aren't aware of whats going on. Thanks in advance for your help and merry xmas.
  4. Yes have used 8 canada square, thanks. Just have to sit patiently now!
  5. Ok thanks, will have a look through. There's just so much!!
  6. How certain are you as i'm doing the claim now and don't want to make any mistakes?
  7. I am just in the process of filling in the Money Claim online and am not sure what address to use for HSBC. I have been using the Arlington Business Centre address for my previous letters, should I be using a differnt one for the MCOL or shall I stick with it. Thankyou in advance my fellow claimants
  8. I first sent a letter of request to HSBC on the 2nd November. Since then I have stuck to my timetable and have since sent a Letter Before Action and am yet to receive a response. I know that my letters have been received as my first one was sent special delivery and the second was recorded delivery. There time is up as of tomorrow, and would like some advice as to where to go next and would like to know if there is anyone who is in the same boat with regards to the lack of response from HSBC, as I am very surprised by this! ! Thankyou in advance for all of your responses and all of your help.
  9. Could someone please let me know what happens after MCOL is filed and how long this usually takes to reach an outcome? Thankyou
  10. I have just filed a claim through MCOL to chase £1000 that the Halifax owe me. Not sure what happens now and how long this process takes could someone please enlighten me. Thankyou in advance.
  11. Today I have received a response for my letter before action. As I thought halifax haven't budged and are still offering a partial refund, which I refuse to accept. Could someone please give me some guidance for the next stage please as i'm not really sure where to go. Thanks in advance
  12. I have recently requested my statements from HSBC, I received a pile one day and thought that was the lot so sent a letter requesting my money back. Over the next couple of days I received even more, so I sent of another letter requesting that sum of money back. Will me sending two letters regarding the same acount have any effect on the amount I receive? As I have received a full offer from HSBC regarding my first letter, should I accept this and hope there will be another offer on it's way because it's a seperate request or should I wait? Not really sure has anyone else done this or am I on my own here????
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