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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
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  4. Hi there, I have previousely won a case against Abbey in London by going through my local Sheriff Court here in Airdrie, Scotland but this time I have received the following letter back from the same court (I have missed out the unimportant bits)...... "I return Small Claims Forms 1 and 1b as there are no grounds of jurisdiction that would allow this court to deal with the case. Jurisdiction is normally based on the domicile or place of business of the Defenders. In cases such as these we suggest that the local branch of the bank be given rather than the head office. However, as you will be aware, there are no branches of Abbey based within the jurisdiction of Airdrie Sheriff Court and therefore I can see no basis for the action being raised at this court. I enclose fresh Forms 1 and 1b which you may wish to complete giving your nearest Abbey branch address as the Defenders' place of business. Provided reference is made to the grounds of jurisdiction within the statement of claim, this amended Small Claims action can be lodged at the relevant court." By the way, their statement that there are no branches of Abbey "within the jurisdiction of this court" is incorrect. My local branch is in Cumbernauld which is within the jurisdiction of the court. I was always under the impression that I can raise a claim against somebody at the court nearest to where I live. I dont want to raise the court action at a court in London due to the distance involved. Any suggestions here??????
  5. paul23870


    Hi, open parachute account PDQ then claim for every penny they owe you. Good luck, Paul.
  6. Hi, have received "ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENT" of £430 into my account on same day shABBEY received my recorded delivery letter (LBA) claiming £720 in charges. No letter/ e-mail from them at all. Do I write back and aknowledge this payment and minus it off my claim OR continue with my court case anyway and ignore it (as they haven't informed me what it relates to)?????? Thanks, Paul.
  7. Hi there, sent a recorded delivery letter to shABBEY to claim £720 in charges. Went to Royal Mail website and printed off the signature and date of delivery for this letter (delivered 8th September). I threatened court action if they did not pay up within 7 days. I have received NO responce from shABBEY at all. Today I was preparing my small claim forms when I thought I would phone up to check if anything was paid INTO my account since 8th September (apart from wages). On 8th September £430 "ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENT" has been paid in. REMEMBER....I HAVE RECEIVED NO LETTER FROM shABBEY Do I accept this in writing and claim the remaining £290 from them OR proceed with my small claim through the courts for the remaining £290 straight away??? Any help much appreciated, Paul P.S. still have about £3000 in charges to claim back...am going for £750 at a time.
  8. Hi, his account was only opened in about 2003. I will advise him to do the SAR letter. Thanks, Paul.
  9. Hi there, this is on behalf of my brother-in-law who is just beginning a claim against LloydsTsb (I am claiming against Abbey myself). He has his statements printed off internet banking which show the total charges for each month ie "Total charges September 2004 £310." For the purposes of his claim (and later court case) does he need a breakdown of each individual charge instead of this total for each month? If what he has if sufficient then he won't need to go through the hassle of a DPA request. Any help regarding this much appreciated. Thanks, Paul.
  10. Hi, yes.....won £228 back in the spring (£184 + interest + costs). Just "testing the water" there. It worked. Now going for bigger claim. Good luck, Paul.
  11. Oops, sorry folks, I thought this was a new story. My apologies....so are small claims still going through OK? I am starting a claim through Moneyclaim today as I have received no reply from Abbey regarding my request for a refund of charges. Again, sorry for giving anyone a heart attack. Must be all the stress of dealing with these banks! Paul.
  12. Hi, just been doing some research on this Mercantile Court situation and came across a website that has an article stating that County Courts in England are now refusing to hear Bank Charge Refund Cases due to an upcoming test case at a Mercantile Court in London later this year. Go to Financial News, City News, Mortgages, Loans, Savings, Pensions, Market Reports | This is Money and type "bank refund" into the advanced search box. Story number 2 is titled "Bank refunds put on ice by court...." What implications does this have for us all? Does it apply to claims going through the small claims court? Any suggestions from anyone (MODERATORS PLEASE HELP!!!). Is this not a big story? Paul.
  13. Sorry but I am in total shock.....phoned Abbey to cancel all of my direct debits as I am opening a parachute account prior to reclaiming charges. Got the usual foreign call centre on the other side of the universe (he kept saying, "so you want to set up a direct debit?" "No, I want to cancel them." This went back & forth about 4 times). Got there eventually....then realised that I had forgotten one so I phoned back............ OH MY GOD, THIS TIME THEY HAD AN ENGLISH ACCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Do you think they were on a bus-mans holiday??? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. hi, i think that they will never defend this in court so they are just trying to scare you, good luck. paul
  15. hi, yes i agree totally. it is of course not a problem of race but the fact that they are thousands of miles away and do not seem to relate to british banking. they do not seem to be degree educated. is this correct? it seems as if they are just plucked off the street and given a phone to answer. paul.
  16. Hi, having problems right now with finances as wife been off work for a year due to horseriding accident. Recently gone onto half pay hence mega bank charges (already have about £3k to claim back over last 6 years). Phoned bank to see if wife received ANY wages for this month......... "Hi, I'm phoning to see if my wifes wages went in last thursday." "For security can you tell me of any recent transactions on your account?" "Yes, last thursday my wages went in for £***'s." "And anyones elses wages...how much were they for?" "I don't know, thats why I'm phoning you." "Let me see....no there was no money paid into this account last thursday." "Nothing at all?" "No, nothing paid in at all." "Yes there was...my wages went in." (I am paid weekly). "No, in fact no money has gone into this account at all last month." "Yes it has...my wages..." "No, nothing has been paid into this account at all last month." "Yes it has...my wages have been paid in EVERY thursday." "No, nothing has been paid into this account at all last month." "YES IT HAS...MY WAGES HAVE BEEN PAID IN EVERY THURSDAY!!!" "Let me see, ah yes sir, money has gone in on thursday but only one payment, not two wages." "TTTTHHHAAANNNKKKYYYOOOUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Anyway, this has nothing to do with refunding charges but it shows the incompetance of the banks (and may brighten up your day...do I laugh or cry???). Their customer service is appalling...they just want to save money wherever they can (as if they don't make enough). The poor customer is treated as if they are an irrelevance. Good luck everyone...they shall be beaten.
  17. Hi, won a claim against abbey earlier this year (£184....just testing the water as it was my first time! Have £3000 now to claim with confidence). I took them to small claims court in Scotland. I claimed for £184 plus 8% interest plus expenses. I did not state how much the 8% was. I let them work it out when they lost the case (no defence). They worked it out themselves and they didn't short change me! Good luck, Paul
  18. abbey have used the microfiche excuse & its now well over 40 days since i requested 6 years of statements (d.p.a.). they sent back 18 months of paper statements together with my cheque for £10 back. i sent it back with letter from templates library. they replied with microfiche argument again & said that my £10 cheque would pay for this (impossible as they have sent it back to me twice!). my question is.....if i take abbey to court for non compliance of a d.p.a. request will their microfiche argument stand up in court? any suggestions welcome, thanks
  19. a joke..............someone told me that rover once made a decent car...........i knew he was a lier
  20. shame about the k-series engine being so problematic. i know that landrovers aren't the most reliable motors (speaking from experience having owned a nightmare unreliable freelander and currently a much better but not perfect discovery td5) but its not really their fault as its a rover engine. as landrover is now owned by ford they are going over to ford/ jaguar engines. poor old rover....they could never get it right. they never learnt.....from the dark days of british leyland upto their demise they basically produced absolute crap! how come the japs and germans can produce such a reliable car? they still have successfull motor industries while britains has dwindled away (crap management/ crap quality/ crap crap crap......). a real shame as we could design some decent cars but we just couldn't make 'em properly. question...............how come foreign companies can come to britain and build extremely good quality/ reliable cars then????? (honda/ nissan/ toyota). proves its not the british worker at fault. anyway, sorry to jibber jabber too much (the words of Mr T.)
  21. Some good news at last!!! Proceeded with court action in small claims court here in Scotland last December as fed up with Shabbeys cocky Indian call centre staff (its your own fault for incurring these charges etc). Claim was for £184 plus £39 court expenses plus interest. Won case last month as THE SHABBEY never replied to the summons or turned up in court despite their threatening letters that they would produce, in court, a breakdown of their costs involved when i went overdrawn (i had asked them for this). Waited 2 weeks for them to pay up. Sent recorded letter demanding my money back (a taste of their own medicine is SSSOOO sweet) otherwise i would go to national media. No reply! Just checked my online bank statement and see a cheque for £228 was paid into my account at their Milton Keynes branch on 14 March. Thats a long way from Scotland!! (Very discreet...like a naughty child thats been forced to apologize). Still no correspondence from them but at last i have my money back. Now going for the full 6 years. Keep fighting, Paul
  22. hi there, goto http://www.govanlc.com click on SCOTS LAW ADVICE, click on BANK CHARGES, click on CHALLENGING UNFAIR UK BANK CHARGES and you should find a letter to print off there (word or pdf). some good advice on this website. they are based in govan but i presume its not rab c nesbit giving out the advice!!!!! happy refunding, paul
  23. hi there, i have just won a case in scotland against the abbey. i got an excellant letter from the GOVAN LAW CENTRE website. abbey offered me most of MY money back but i refused. i asked for a breakdown of their charges incurred when i went overdrawn. they sent me a cocky letter saying that their charges were fair and a breakdown of their costs incurred would be produced in court! but they never replied to the court summons and never showed up in court! i won £185 plus £39 expenses plus 8% interest backdated to last december. good luck, paul
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