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  1. Hello abit of advice please. I intend using the below letter from teh library as my disputed acc has been passed on to another DCA. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?426-A-letter-when-the-account-has-been-passed-to-another-debt-collection-agency In this letter it states I am in receipt of your letter dated XXXXX This account is in dispute with **original creditor/DCA** and has been since DATE . [b][u][color="#ff0000"]Not only is this[/color] [/u][/b]a breach of the Consumer Protection From Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 in line with the Offic
  2. Hi Is there a problem with the template library I can't access it. tried swapping to different browsers ( tried opera.I.E and chrome) and still can not access it all I get is a blank white page. I need the template to deny permission for doorstep collection. Many Thanks
  3. Re the above yesterday i received another letter from Moorcroft saying they had been in touch with BOS and the credit agreement I received from Bos was binding etc (see above for what i received) Any advice as to my next move/letter etc gratefully received. letter from moorcroft below: Moorcroft Letter. Dear xxxxxxxx Re Bank of Scotland I write in response to your recent communication in relation to the above account and can confirm we have been in contact with BOS who have advised us that you have previously received the agreement you are disputing. The ag
  4. Thanks again Uncle bulgaria, I would prefer to post here and get advice for the moment. I am grateful for all your advice in previous posts regarding legal advice etc though
  5. Thanks unclebulgaria67, I appreciate your help and time concerning this. I'll do as you suggest. where does the law stand if all they have is a microfishe copy of the above with nothing else?
  6. Latest news from BOS In response to a letter from Blair Oliver & Scott ( Notice of Intended Court Action) I sent a copy of the letter in this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/show-post/post-2645126.html requesting all the infomation outlined in the letter. I received a letter from Moorcroft last week telling me they'd been instructed to collect on behalf of BOS, I replied with acc in dispute letter telling them to return my acc to Blair Oliver Scott and received another letter saying account on hold etc while they contact their client. Today
  7. Hello unclebulgaria67 No I'm no longer paying the £1 per month since they sent a demand for £15 odd. I then sent off the account in dispute letter as they had not adhered to my CCA in full. Re not being able to defend any action in court,thats what I've been trying to discover, If I have any defense by asking for the CCA inc terms and conditions and its validly. Surely i have a defense if they haven't fulfilled the terms of the CCA 1974, OK, They have sent part of the agreement but not all of it and if they can't produce the full original agreement in court then I have a def
  8. Hi all I sent the letter regarding account in dispute a couple of weeks ago recorded delivery which they received according to R.M I received today in the post the latest letter from B.O.S re the above loan which states: Notice of Intended Court Action Bank Against Me Sum Claimed = states full balance Date due 16/06/10 FORMAL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT OUR CLIENTS HAVE INSTRUCTED US TO COMMENCE COURT PROCEEDINGS AGAINST YOU WITHOUT DELAY. WHEN THE COURT ORDER IS AWARDED YOU WILL ALSO BE LIABLE FOR OUR AWARDED COSTS AND EXPENSES TO PREVENT CO
  9. I have my elderly mother down for the weekend and she has had a BT line for 26 years. When she took out the line rental she also rented a basic corded telephone from BT. She has had this phone 26 years and has been charged rental for 26 years,currently £3-odd per quarter I've been onto BT and asked them to cancel the rental of this phone and to ask how to return it as she has also had a cordless phone for years No problem rental canceled and she can keep phone, no need to return it. Looking on line at moneysavingexpert forum BT Equipment Hire - have you been renting
  10. Thanks Steven. Think I've got that? So basically The fact that the APR is wrong doesn't matter. A court could enforce the agreement but the creditor cannot without taking it to court. But: As the agreement does not contain all the prescribed Terms I.E. Terms & Conditions associated with the agreement (Thanks Pinky) it is still unenforcible even by a court, unless the creditor can produce the original Agreement and Original terms and conditions in court.
  11. Think you'll find them in this link to 2006 amendments http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2006/ukpga_20060014_en.pdf
  12. Gort70 Have a look here seems there are alot of ex pipex customers receiving letters lately Pipex / Fredrickson Debt Collectors :: ISP Unhappiness :: think broadband
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