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  1. You might want to check whether you have any points on your driving licence, as while your car was registered to an old address any NIPs for speeding etc will have gone to the old address. https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence
  2. My son has applied for judgement by default this morning, as no defence or communication was received. I don't think Virdi and Pittaway have much in the way of assets, so enforcing the judgement may be throwing good money after bad, but I'll keep you updated.
  3. An effective complaint letter needs to be free from anger, needs to be dispassionate about facts rather than accusative, and needs to be clear about what you want the company to do. They don't have to sack the driver, no matter how much you think it is justified; it remains their decision. Unfortunately, your letter is full of emotion and anger, and doesn't really explain what the problem was with your actual shopping order, nor what Ocado should do to put things right. I suspect that you've already telephoned the customer service centre and that you were similarly angry with the call c
  4. Just to keep you all informed of this, my son has issued a claim via moneyclaimonline. As of today's date, no defence has been received. We still don't have the V5C or the tax disc that Mr Pittaway promised he would organise - the car was advertised with tax but it had expired two months before my son bought the car, and Mr Pittaway said he would put six months tax on it. My son has sent the form to apply for the V5C in his name and declared the car SORN to the DVLA.
  5. Thank for the reply. £1150 - a £200 deposit and then £950 a few days later, both paid on my son's visa debit card.
  6. Thanks for the reply. He paid on a visa debit card, is his bank likely to entertain a chargeback? I'll get him to ring his bank as soon as he can. ETA The car is sitting on my drive. If he gets his money back, obviously we need to get the car back to Mr Virdi, Mr Pittaway and the elusive "Mr Barber". I don't really want either of the first two coming to my house (and I'm not sure the third person exists). Do I get the car back to Coventry now, or only after my son gets his money back?
  7. Googling Barber Cars found this thread. My 19 year old son has been working two jobs to save up for a car, and saw a classified ad on ebay from 'covcarz' for a car which seemed ideal and within his budget. He went to see it, put a deposit down on it and picked it up the following week. Within eight hours, it had broken down and wouldn't even start. My son joined the AA there and then to get somebody out to look at the car. An independent garage listed all the faults and told my son it's not worth repairing as there's so much wrong with it. The ca
  8. DLA is paid on care and mobility needs, rather than on diagnosis or treatment. As long as the difficulties have existed for at least three months and are expected to continue for at least another six months, then it is worth applying.
  9. When I am in Tesco I ask for the card reader to be passed to me as I can't reach it from my chair. In my local Sainsbury's, the card reader is in a sensible place at the front of the checkout, in Waitrose some card readers are at the back but if so, the staff always pass it to me without my having to ask. Mostly I get Ocado to deliver my shopping, easier and good quality and much better service than any other delivery service.
  10. Me too. You can have my car, or my HRM allowance, as long as you take my wheelchair and the constant unending pain as well.
  11. I think you need to have sight of the standing order mandate which you signed. If the mandate says that payments start from the 3rd Oct, then your bank is at fault for starting payments too early, and they should pay the charges. If the mandate states that payments start from the 3rd Sep, then the letting agent is at fault for filling it in wrong, and you are equally at fault for signing it without checking it was correct. In that case it would be reasonable to split the charges. The letting agent should have a photocopy of the original mandate, but personally I would ask the bank what
  12. I work for an agency and my pay is worked out like this: The agreed rate for this assignment is £9 an hour to me. On my payslip the pay is shown as £9.91. 91p is deducted and put in my holiday "pot", and I receive £9 an hour (less tax and NI, obviously!). I suspect that if your agreed rate of pay is £6.10, your payslip will show something like a gross rate of £6.70, of which 60p will go into your holiday accumulation and you will get £6.10 an hour. You should clarify things with your contact at the agency, and chase up your contract.
  13. Cheers midge, it doesn't have much about under 18s, just says banks should take care in sending out marketing material. It turns out that he doesn't have access to all his online statements, so I've sent (or rather he has sent) a subject access request to the bank. I estimate he's been charged around £1000 prior to him turning 18, but I need the statements to confirm.
  14. Children's dental treatment is free with NHS dentists. Not at private dentists. Hope your little one is OK now.
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