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  1. the warning was put on by liverpool victoria (loan company) through le chiche, which i have never heard off but also it doesnt direct this warning at any particular person just an address.Also, would i ask cifas or the cra. Also i have tried the 28day verify or remove and they never comply.
  2. how did u get a copy of the recording
  3. recently i checked my credit file and discovered another cifas warning in place at my address but with no name on it. The cifas warning was put on by liverpool victoria and the name of the company seems to be 'LE CHICHE' Does anyone know of such a company the reason was for a unsecured loan application-material falsehoods blah blah blah
  4. must be the case that they cant find the original and true copy which is good for you
  5. could i argue that they didnt achieve full market value for the car. They didnt notify me of when/where it was been sold
  6. so im subject to: balance(total minus payment i made plus sale of car)
  7. think if youve made payment its different definately dont take my word on it though.
  8. They havealready reposessed the car. The sale proceeds are included in the total paid
  9. Fiat auto financial services: Recieved a letter from solicitors taking me to court for remainder of hp agreemment i had. Got astatement previously:In brief- Total cash price £18,215 Sum advanced £18,215 Acceptance fee £109 Option fee £75 Finance charges £3965.80 Total repayable £22,364.80 Total paid to date including sale of car: £10,963.48 I understand that once half is paid, they can no longer pursue the rest. Is this the total amount payable of the total cash price. If this is the case could i send them a cheque to take it up to over half now?
  10. Re: Unauthorised credit enquiry Dear Sir/Madam I would like to bring to your kind notice the contents of the latest credit report that I have received from the credit reference agencies. The credit reflects a credit enquiry from your company which I did not approve. I believe that legally you are not entitled to enquire on any debt amount without my authorization. I request you to delete this enquiry from my credit report with immediate effect as it is causing a hindrance in my acquiring a loan and other credit benefits. I have used recorded mail to send you this letter so I may ensure that you receive it and send me a prompt response. Please forward me a written document stating the removal of this unauthorised enquiry. In other cases, kindly forward me a document containing the proof of the enquiry mentioned by you. Thanking you in earnest, name try that letter to the company that carried out the search
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