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  1. the lloyds woman also mentioned yesterday's court ruling and sugested that as they had offered me a way of avoiding further charges refusing to set up a plan might be detrimental to my claim what does everyone think about that.....please help..........the hole is getting deeper and i am getting more and more worried
  2. Bankfodder should i arrange a payment plan while i am pursuing my claim or do you think they are playing games with me
  3. My account has went well over my overdraft due to charges being added onto charges. i have cancelled all d/d's and dont have any money being paid into account, LLoyds have phoned me today and advised me to set up a payment plan with a nominal regular payment which will result in no more intrest/charges being applied to my account while i am pursuing my claim for 6 years charges. Does anyone know if setting up this plan will affect my claim
  4. Hi Jaybabes i dont know the answer to your question, but would suggest you start your own thread on the lloyds tsb forum and read the posts that are on this site hope you get your money
  5. £156 in account today, As the letter i got from them mentions only my phone call (no mention of my prelim request letter) i hope to get a reply to that soon.
  6. unexpected result from Halifax, i was on the phone to their call centre a couple of days ago regarding some d/d's, the guy on phone asked if he could do anything else for me, without thinking i asked him about a charge of £39 i had just been notified of for a returned d/d of £3.50 saying to him that it was quite a nice profit they were making, considering that due to 4 such charges this month my account was overdrawn by £156, He said he could not help but would get someone to phone me, No such phone call but in todays post a letter saying they would reverse all my charges for March 07 and the
  7. cheers stevo, i have just today sent of a prelim request to the Halifax for £430
  8. I have sent of my LBA today, recorded delivery along with copy statements, summary of charges and copy of original prelim request. Hope this get a reply from them as they have ignored me so far.
  9. thanks again maroondevo52 Hope you hear soon, let me know how you get on best of luck
  10. As i have heard nothing from tsb i am getting ready to send my lba, will give them till Wednesday. The only thing i am worried about is that when i sent my prelim request i did not send it recorded delivery, should i include another copy of this along with my lba,(by recorded dely)
  11. thanks maroondevo53 i sent my request to there ho in edinburgh giving them 14 days to reply so i hope to here from them soon
  12. Hi everyone im rather new to this, But i have just sent off my prelim request for payment of my charges £736.55, let you know how i get on....meanwhile any advice would be great.....
  13. i am just about to send my prelim request for payment but not sure best address to send to for lloyds tsb, is it my local branch or scottish head office can anyone advise, and supply there head office address thanks
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