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  1. I was told it couldn't be passed on when it's in dispute without a final response. I have spoken with Restons and they are refusing to extend the date for defence as they believe the CPR and CCA information has no bearing on my defence. I have asked for this in writing. They are being very uncooperative. In the mean time i have been on to the guy handling my FOS complaint at Sainsbury's and he is sending me a copy of the original credit agreement hopefully before the defence date. What should i do now? Can i say in the defence that i have no proof they own the debt until i rec
  2. Help anyone? I have sent cpr request should i send cca request too even though i have the credit agreement? also, sainsbury's have been in touch to say the have the statements and paperwork which they will send out. Am i still ok to defend the full claim once Ive receive these? It will take some time to go through and see what i actually do owe if anything at all after charges and interest are taken off. i am also wondering whether they might drop the whole claim if i show them in my defence that the account was definitely indispute when it was passed to debt
  3. Thnaks for responding I am sending a CPR today, they have already sent me a copy of the credit agreement, it is hard to read the T&C's as its a photocopy The problem is that i only have till the 23rd of july to file my defence. I do not know what to put on the form. I havent mentioned that before I came on to this site for advice I trawled the internet debt advice websites where I was advised to contact the FOS by the National Debt Line. I called them on the friday before i went away and made an official complaint against the OD as advised. While I was awa
  4. I just back from my hol, before i left I decided to defend all of the claim. Just wondering if anyone has looked at the POC's?
  5. I am going to leave my acknowledgement of service until mon pm just before I leave for the airport. If anyone can shed some light on my situation by then that's great. I really want to know before I reply to the courts whether I should defend all of the claim or only part of it? If i defend only part as I do know a small amount that isn't penalty charges and interest, i need to give a figure that I believe I owe. I simply cannot do this before I go away due to work commitments and I may not have all the statements ( after working it out it may turn out that I do not o
  6. i really need some advice on whether i have reasonable argument that the account was in dispute when it was passed on to the DCA. Also, do I have an argument against not paying the penalty charges back?
  7. Hi All, My problem is this (this could turn into a rant due to me frustration, so apologies now lol): I got a credit card with Sainsburys bank in 2003 In 2006 I had an accident and ended up out of work, as a result i incurred an awful lot of overlimit and unpaid DD charges plus interest. I went for debt advice and was told to offer a £1 a week for the foreseeable future while I got back on my feet. (At the same time I nearly lost my house and had to VS my car and i was suffering with anxiety and depression) What I wasn't told by Sainsbury's Bank is that the agre
  8. Before I give up on this problem, I would like to know if anyone thinks there is anything else i can do. The injustice of what has happened is really getting to me. Is it six years from cause of action or when i found out about it? I know we've already gone on about this however i just wanted to get peoples opinions one last time. I was going to complain to fos but it's past the 6 month mark. Could i do anything else?
  9. Thanks for your help steampowered I will post the outcome
  10. Thank you for your comments, i am waiting for the solicitor to contact me with regards to the part 36 offer. I have asked what I shoukd expect the success fee to be and that I would make an offer after I have an idea of that. I also want to ask what else I need to take into consideration costs wise that isnt yet on the claim. As far the attempted house sale in 2010, I do have all the reports regarding this matter, it is looking like its going in my favour however i am glad of your explanation and i heed your warning. I really do want this settled asap but wanted to make sure I get as muc
  11. Hi I currently have had a negligence claim issued against the structual engineer and the surveyor of my property, as a result of their negligence i have not been able to sell my property with out work being done to rectify the problem. I contacted a no win no fee solicitor and they have taken the case on, an expert witness has agreed there is negligence however it has been decided that both engineer and surveyor are liable. As a result they have now served the claim form against both and I received the following email on friday. what I am having trouble understand
  12. Ok Thats interesting news... i will do some reading thanks. Got to say though that my understanding of legal wording and jargon is very limited. I'm sure its done in purpose...
  13. Good morning Apple I thank you for 'keeping me in the loop', I have been checking my thread everyday. I realise that you must be helping others and obviously have a life of your own. I feel bad that I can't do anything to help. If there is anything You can advise me to do please let me know. I will pm you again as the information I want to give you is of a personal nature. In the meantime I patiently await your response (with quite a lot of intrigue)
  14. That's fine thanks, I know you must be busy. Did you receive my pm? Not in my sent items so wasn't sure if it went.
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