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  1. Hi yourbank, Yeah I still have an account with them, only has about a pound in it! I've not used it for years. I never had internet banking with them though. It was a student account, which I then used as my current account. That is until I was so overdrawn they stopped me using it and converted my overdraft in to a loan which I had to repay monthly for about a million years Ginger
  2. Well, I received a response from Natwest - not the one I was hoping for though. But still early days! They have written and told me that they cannot deal with my query because my address does not correspond with the one they hold on file! And that I should contact my branch to change my address. I would be quite willing to do this, if I had not already done it before I filed my original claim. And to make things even more annoying all my previous correspondence was sent to this address, they send my bank statements to this address and when I made my court claim it was from this address.... So.... looks like I have to change my address(again)..... from here! To.... um.... here! Arghhhhh Ginger
  3. I claimed against my PPI policy and last month the insurance co paid 10 monthly payments backdated to June 2008 to Egg. They advised me to contact Egg and reclaim any duplicate payments made, which I did. Egg refunded me straight to my bank account. However when I checked my Egg statement they have added the amount refunded back on to my outstanding balance. When I called them they now say I have to repay the refunded amount plus interest. Can they do this? Any help would be great, Thanks Ginger
  4. I have been off on long term sick leave since May 2008 and have now had my salary stopped until I am fit to return. As a result our income is much less than it was and I now only receive Employment & Support Allowance. Although we have been managing we are finding it hard to meet all our financial commitments and I have fallen behind on my credit card payments. I am contacting my credit card providers to attempt to enter an agreement to reduce my payments temporarily. I have contacted some already and have received an income & expenditure form. We have been keeping up with my partners monthly payments and so do not really wish to enter in to an agreement with his finance providers so could I complete this form for just myself. The mortgage and all the bills are in his name although we do have a joint bank account. My income does not cover my expenses without taking in to account the mortgage & utilities or any housekeeping costs. If I complete the form as a household we still do not have enough to cover all our outgoings. If I can complete the form on my own would I need to make an allowance for half the utilities/mortgage and housekeeping even though he pays them? Any advice would be great! Thanks, Ginger
  5. Thanks yourbank I feel more reassured now, I thought the banks wouldn't even consider us as in 'hardship' because they seem to have told some people that costs of living etc were extravagant for someone claiming hardship. But at present any offer they could make would be a help - just to keep us from incurring CCJ's etc and to just keep our heads above water. Will update if I hear anything, Ginger
  6. An update on my claim against Natwest. Originally Natwest refuted the claim but offered me a goodwill guesture of £90 (a far cry for the £1700 I had been charged). I declined their very kind offer and issued court proceedings. Natwest defended by requesting/demanding they a complete a CPR Part 18 request blah blah blah - which I refused to do. I then advised the court of the intimidatory tone of their request/letter. All looked well - and then..... Time stood still - Case 'On hold' My situation has changed since then. I have been off sick since May 2008 and over the past 10 months my salary has dropped significantly. This month my salary stopped completely. I have gone from bringing home £1200 a month to recieving only £240 a month in E&SA. This has left my partner to cover our bills, credit agreements, mortgage, and living expenses himself. As a result we now have mortgage, council tax and gas and electricity arrears. A summons to appear in court re: council tax if not paid in full by April. At least one payment behind on credit cards. £3000 Overdrawn and incurring £150+ month in fees from our present current account. Therefore I am biting the bullet and writing to Natwest requesting that they consider my circumstances and review my claim under the 'hardship rule' After reading many peoples experiences with this route I am not going to hold my breath but will keep the thread updated for anyone who is interested. Thanks for reading - sorry so long! Ginger
  7. Opening another can of worms - I just can't help myself! Like many others my case has been 'on hold' for what seems like an eternity!! However, my circumstances have now changed. I have been off on sick leave since May 2008 and have had my income significantly reduced, from this month my salary has stopped until I am fit to work again. As a result of this I have decided to write to Abbey requesting consideration of financial hardship status and asking them to review my claim. I am also going to do this with my partners Abbey claim. I have completed the Income and Expenditure form jointly and our standard outgoings far exceed our income, even before taking in to account mortgage arrears, council tax arrears, gas & electricity arrears, credit card arrears, £3000 overdraft and the £150+ we are currently incurring from our main current account!! Will update when I hear back from them
  8. Thanks yourbank, We haven't already made any claim against Nationwide so I have now written to them requesting consideration for hardship and including a breakdown of charges applied & a detailed income and expenditure form. Many thanks for your reply - will keep you updated PS - It's a long shot but I may now write to Abbey and Natwest regarding the claims submitted in Aug 2006 currently stayed, requesting consideration of hardship from them also (Should I start a new thread in each forum)
  9. Hi Everyone Myself and my partner started our claims against a few different banks/finance companies years ago and like with most people have had our cases stayed. However, last May I became ill and have been unfit to work since. As a result my salary has stopped and the bank account that we opened with Nationwide as a clean slate is now overdrawn £3000 every month (agreed) and I have just calculated that we have also incurred about £1000 charges for exceeding our agreed overdraft limit and returned dd’s & so’s. I intented to contact them requesting this amount be refunded and applying to be considered as in ‘Financial Hardship’ however after reading several posts I am unsure if it applies to us. I have read and re read the FSA’s guidelines regarding Hardship and it would seem that several points apply to our circumstances but there again that’s what many others are saying! i.e. Mortgage always in 1 month arrears £608 Council Tax £400 arrears summons rec’d Gas & Elec - £450 arrears Me - cc 1 bal £400 – 2 @ £40 arrears Me - cc 2 bal £2600 – 1 @ £52 arrears Me - cc 3 bal £1500 - 2 @ £35 arrears Partner - cc 1 bal £7000 – 2 @ £200 arrears Partner - cc 2 bal £1800 - @ 70 Partner - cc 3 bal £3500 - @ 104 Great Universal account - bal £590 - 2 @ £70 arrears Borrowing spiralled due to my salary of £1200 monthly being halved and now stopped I receive £200 month benefits Partner salary £1600 Certified as continued long term sick UFN I wonder if anyone could advise me whether there is point in me taking the ‘hardship’ path or whether to stick to the normal route? PS - Sorry about the length!
  10. Hey All, The saga continues.... I didn't accept the offer that Egg so kindly suggested before. Last week I received another offer and contract to sign declaring that I would not publicise the fact that they were paying me etc etc. This time they offered my full claim, plus my interest and court costs which they said would arrive by cheque if I signed and returned the form to them in 14 days time. The next day however, even though I hadn't returned their form I received a cheque for the full amount in the mail.... The accompanying letter simply stated.... "Please find enclosed cheque for £???.??, no mention of final settlement etc etc. I still have not returned their Tomlin Order or advised the court of their payment. I have however, cashed the cheque!!! Should I return the Tomlin Order, or could this be seen simply as a gesture of goodwill? Any advice, Ginger
  11. Hey All, My Abbey case along with two others against other banks is due to be heard in Cardiff Court on 14th August. I know another person who has claimed against Abbey is also in Cardiff Court on 14th. I have already been to Swansea Civil Justice Court on two occasions, so I guess the Cardiff hearing is a Mercantile Court??? My letters from Cardiff didn't indicate having to send my court bundle in advance, only that if I was not intending to appear that was to advise them in writing. Now that the OFT are taking the banks to court themselves should I be expecting the case to be stayed, or should I prepare bundles anyway. If so, should I forward a bundle to the court even though they did not request it? Anyone's help would really be appreciated, Ginger
  12. Well, the saga continues... Just got back from my preliminary hearing with Abbey, and guess what, they didn't turn up again!!!! However, the judge said he could not make any rulings or directions as all bank charge cases had been allocated to the District Court in Cardiff. I explained that my case had already been sent to Cardiff when Abbey failed to turn up in December and falsely stated by fax that they had offered a full and final settlement, but that it had been reallocated to my local court. So.... they are, again, sending my case to Cardiff where it may finally be settled. when I asked just how long this was going to take the judge replied, your guess is as good as mine, and advised my to write to a judge Handicott at Cardiff District Court to ask if my case can be indicted (?) It goes on and on and on.... and the longer it goes on the more confused I seem to get. I feel like i'm on a never ending Shabby Merry Go Round and it's making me quite sick Ginger
  13. Due in court at 2.00 today for afore mentioned preliminary hearing and very scared. I know from reading other user's stories that Abbey probably won't show, but they didn't show at my last hearing and I haven't read any posts where the user has had to go back to court for a preliminary hearing. I'm not quite sure what this means, whether the judge will rule that Abbey pay what they owe me today, or whether Abbey will actually show, or even try a stalling technique as they did in December. Hopefully the mystery will be resolved today and I will update my post if I am sucessful so that any other user's with similar problems will have some hope. Ginger
  14. Hi All, I received a letter from Eversheds solicitors dated 20 April offering me approx half my claim and attaching a confidentiality clause. I have already started court action against them and by reading some posts on this forum many are getting offered full settlement. I have also read that Egg are notoriously difficult and am unsure now whether or not to sign and return the Tomlin Order (?) and accept their offer or hold out for the full amount. If Egg play such hard ball, is there much chance of me getting what I originally requested? Ginger
  15. Thanks for your response Ginger
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