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  1. cheers it is still active i'm just angry they continued to add it after they said they would cancel it, ive used the CISheet comes up with ROP = 622.66, Interest = 383.46 Total = £1006.12
  2. Hi there my husband has a Vanquis card i applied to get the ROP refunded which they shut me down on this was back in Aug 2018 on the letter they sent him telling him no they did state they would cancel the ROP with immediate effect, roll on to this week and i come across one of his statements and low an behold they are still taking it, my question as they have still been taking it i have obviously phoned them to get it stopped and the past 2 years refunded do i use the CISheet spreadsheet to work out the interest he has been charged on these
  3. so if ROP payment 1 month was £30.60 that makes the interest £18.33 is that right ?
  4. Hi trying to work out what we should get back as had this card for a while now been out the loop for a while and brain is getting older lol, to work out the interest we have paid on a ROP payment what interest do i go by is it the 3.99% monthly or the 59.92% yearly ??
  5. ok they are sending a breakdown so will see how they have worked it out thank you for your help
  6. from what they are saying they are only paying this part In addition, if the removal of the PPI and associated interest causes the reconstructed account to go into credit for any period then 8% simple interest is paid on that credit balance for that period. they are paying ppi charges + 8% when card was in credit so should it be charges + interest + 8% when in credit ??
  7. hi helping my mum with a claim that is long running mbna have finally said they will pay the ppi back but on the letter there is a difference on the interest amount they are saying they are not paying interest on the ppi payment but on the difference on the account ??? here is what they have said would love someones opinion please as i feel it is incorrect. Thank you for the complaint regarding the payment protection insurance on the above account in order to calculate your refund we have worked out how your balance over time would have changed if you had made t
  8. thank you fodder sorry but is that standard poc for bank claim or standard credit card one having blonde moment lol didnt realize it could go back that far i was under impression it was only 6 yrs wow things have changed slightly then lol thank you for info and will have another read up xx
  9. hiya guys not been on for a while been helping my mum with a load of claims all at court stage now but its been a while since i have done this lol, right as been out of the loop can someone answer a couple questions for me please. 1, are storecard & creditcard claims still going through mcol or is most going n1 in court route now ?? 2, can someone point me in direction of correct poc needed for a storecard have found the credit card ones but not store card. thank you in advance for any help given xx missybxxx
  10. hi not been on here for a while, right had a prob in feb with a managed loan with hsbc went into defult now then hsbc have admitted that it went into defult because of them as i told them dates to take money out and they repeatedly didnt do it so as it went into defult they stopped my cards but they didnt bother to tell me i found out when i went to use the card i phoned them up and they issed me new cards that day. i started a complaint and got a letter today saying that yes they didnt give me any warning no then i would like to know are they legally meant to give me official warning i thou
  11. afraid its just a waiting game now you will recieve their defence and prob then the allocation questionaire good luck
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