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  1. OMG OMG OMG it seems the nice chap my mum spoke to was stuart higley my mum phoned him to say that the extra amount wasnt in the account and that she hadnt heard anything about the cheque so he said he would phone back in 10 mins which he did said he had told lit where they could stick the cheque as they STILL hadnt done it and that he was going to deal with it today so then my mum goes on line to check her account and hey presto its in there woo hoo finally the end thank you to everyone for their help also stuart told my mum the address to send is this one stuart higley 225 shenley road borehamwood wd6 1te he has said that they will pay out if it is sent to this address go get em everyone
  2. they donea spot on bank charges yest morn and our lovely tracey was on it
  3. i was there when it happened jammy git he had 2 balls left with 2 balls left for jp and his 2 came out unbelievable even made me smile and i didnt win it lol
  4. oh my how much trace whats his name is it that danmastiff
  5. do you know i thought it was you i tried for ages to get on and the wouldnt flip answer the phone i had just woken up to here him say and now we have tracey i sat bolt up right and was like omg
  6. hiya trace long time no see was that you i heard on radio this morn hun
  7. hey trace was that you i heard on radio this morning lol
  8. this one lol John Cunnane Manager Customer Relations Unit - Depot Code 040 225 Shenley Road, Borehamwood, WD6 1TE External: 020 8236 8007 Internal: 4040 8007 Fax: 020 8236 8010
  9. well i orig got mum to send prelim to the telford address then the lba went to this one Natwest Bank plc Customer Relations National Westminister House 225 Shenley Road Borehamwood Herts WD6 1BR but if you look at the contacts list the first one under john curccan (i know ive spelt it wrong lol) its that boreham one that you send it to
  10. well it has now been 15 days since dad sent letter and no response
  11. no have not done anything with the claim not until full amount in her account now then she has spoken to someone at natwest gave her the first el number in the contact list lol and a nice gent there has said the cheque will be sent tommorow and my mum will get it on sat (we hope) and as a goodwill gesture he is putting into her account overnight all the charges she has had since putting in her claim at court so if he is genuine it will show tommorow but he did say that if people send in thier claim to the borehamwood address they are now paying out straight away so there is hope for my aunties claim lol
  12. hi i have found your other thread please try and stick to just one thread or it becomes diff to help if we cant find all info i would contact cobbetts as the same thing has happened my mum had offer just before xmas sent refusal by recorded and she phoned up recently to be told that the stalling is because they hadnt recieved the letter saying no
  13. right update STILL NO CHEQUE bit ridiculouse if you ask me was told that cheque asked for on the 16th mum has contacted cobbetts they dont know whats going on now natwest its a diff story she spoke to someone on fri last week he said apparently THEY HAVE RUN OUT OF CHEQUES and thats why she is waiting but that she would recieve a cheque by tommorow or he would look into putting the refund manually into her account she decided to phone him on weds just to chase up to be told he is on HOLIDAY for the next 3 weeks that there is record of the conversation luckly mum got a first name and they know who the person is im really disgusted by the was natwest have treated my mum if cheque not at home by the time she gets back from work today god help natwest she not a happy bunny at all also just as a footnote bank charges were being discussed on my local radio station this morning on key103 what a discussion that was lol
  14. i have sent the £1 letter to moorcroft and the £10 s a r letter to great universal because i knoe damn well they put on charges before it went to moorcroft i found £60 since july last year was there someone else i should send a letter to then oh yes and sent s a r to natwest cc and mbna cc as well for good measure while i was at it pmsl.
  15. this is standard to yet again frighten you into going any further keep it up can smell the money lol
  16. hi right update time and its a funny one pmsl well i sent the letter well dad did and moorcrofts response was thank you for the recent payment of £1 however we require a more regular payment plan please can you send details of your intention to pay off this debt grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the pound wasnt for them as payment it was to get the info so guys what now as it seems they havent even bothered to read the flip letter
  17. the 8% gets added at court stage hun good luk
  18. go for it rev i remember you from hsbc section we were at about the same time gl with this one
  19. hi firstly welcome to the family secondly what type of account is it if it is a normal current bank account the 29.5% ony applys to credit cards
  20. ty nattie am hearing that a few have had their cheques today here's hoping my mum is one of them she deserves it after how natwest have treated her considering she has been with them for over 30 yrs eeekkk she has her eye on a v nice laptop apart from that she doesnt know what she is going to do oh yes apart from donate here and she has said she will get me a meatloaf ticket woo hooo
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