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  2. Sweet!


    I love it when folks take a little time and care over these letters.


    Calm and to the point. Show how much of a fool he is without actually calling him a fool.


    Nice1 =)

  3. I've decided they can bugger off with the short payment (another statement with ONLY their £50 worth of charges on it landed this morning)


    I just finished with a letter saying I've paid up what I owe (plus interest) and all that's left on the account is your £675 (now) worth of charges. Waive 'em, close the account and have my credit file marked 'Paid in Full'. You have 7 days or it's going to court.



  4. Hello all,


    I was hoping to ask for some advice..


    I’m a Mature student, coming to the end of my degree and I’ve managed to get together a bunch of money to sort out my credit cards (O, how I love my Mum!).


    My MBNA card is the worst offender, over its limit by a few hundred and accruing £50 per month in charges (plus interest).


    By my calculations there’s been £625 worth of ‘fees’ over the life of the card.


    I’ve got the money to pay the whole thing off and close the card down, so I called them to see if we could come to an agreement.


    They offered a ‘short payment’ that would wipe 20%, but would show on my credit rating. Not good enough, I think.. The 20% works out at £395.


    Now, I gave them the whole “these charges are punitive and therefore unenforceable” speech and he was having none of it, so I said I’d seek advice and get back to him.


    Is my best idea to pay the card off, leaving a balance of £625, and go for the court option?


    Thanks in advance for any advice =)





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