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  1. Hi, My son has had a 'functional' brace fitted by an NHS dentist. Hes had it over a year. My son is 'disabled' in that he has ADHD and Tourettes Syndrome. His brace has broken regularly since he had it and as a result it became loose. My son has now 'lost' the bottom part of the brace. The dentist has told me he has to make a full brace again (top and bottom) and I will be charged between 60-70 pounds for this. Is this correct? I don't mind paying if its the norm but its a lot of money and his treatment is on the NHS after all. Thanks Azure
  2. Hi, the account has been passed to assigned/sold to arrow global, I have no doubt about that. So...do I just send letter to RBS with copy of credit file and ask them to remove their default? It is the exact same default btw, same date and amount. Is it worth complaining to the ICO? (I have no idea, lol). Thanks for the responses
  3. Hi, I have two defaults on my credit file, one from Credit Card (RBS) and one to the DCA they sold it to. Have no idea how long the DCA one has been on there. Which one do I ask to remove? RBS or the DCA? It's probably going to be hard work, which I haven't got time for at the minute (who has). Can I complain to any body? Thanks, Azure
  4. Hi, thanks for replying. Debt is from 2006. Received a notice of assignment in late 2010. 5 x £20 and 8 x £12 made up of late payment and over limit fees. it all started when they applied a charge and I couldn't afford to repay it. I was on benefits at the time and them applying £40 a month was hard to get on top of. I have always had a default for this debt (2007). I am now in the position to pay the debts I accrued off. I checked my credit file, I have a default registered for the same debt but in the DCAs name. Exactly the same details and amounts and i assume its been on there
  5. Hi all, I have decided to reclaim my RBS CC charges. The debt is now in the hands of a DCA who are now the legal owners of the debt. I intend on paying the remaining balance of the debt when charges have been removed. I have a couple of questions to ask before I proceed. Where do I send the CC charge request? To the registered office in Scotland? What is likely to happen regarding my CRA record? Incidentally RBS and now the DCA have registered a default for the same debt. Who do I write to about this to get it rectified? Has anyone got any other advice to
  6. Hi Last year in October I cancelled my mobile phone contract. I sent it via recorded delivery and took screen shot of signature that signed for it. I realised in December that they were still taking payment from my bank account so I emailed them to ask why it wasnt cancelled but they could not proceed further due to data protection (I think). Due to bereavement I have not been able to chase this up until March. I have to admit now that my original contract was in my maiden name and I didnt the name on my contract. So had to send them my marriage certificate. I have s copy of
  7. If someone had sent some jewellry to me in the post i wouldnt think it was unsolicited goods, i would think that it had been misdelivered. It really wouldnt have hurt to put it back in the post box.
  8. hey Well, my boyfriend bought a house in december and immediately switched suppliers. i moved in in January. He ignored letters from the old supplier (npower) and then a really strange thing happened, they started sending letters to me about this bill!! Now im not on the electrol role or anything, i have no idea how they got my info. So now im refusing to pay it, I mean the bill is like 200 quid for two months, gas supply or something which i think is ridiculous. Anyway, now they have sent me a letter saying they are going to cut off my gas supply in 7 days. Are they allo
  9. I think you would get a disability premium in any working tax credit you may claim. Child tax credit is only for disabilities in your children.
  10. thanks ross, i will just wait then, thankyou for that letter, im was just worried cos they are about to default me and i wasnt sure what to do next.
  11. hi, so do i just wait for them to contact me again or do i have to send them a letter saying its not a true copy?
  12. Hi, i recently requested my credit agreement from freemans, they were in default. Today I have received a brand spanking new copy of an agreement with my name and address filled in at the top. (Current name and address and i opened it with my previous surname and address). My question is, does this fulfill their obligation to supply me with a credit agreement? After the 12 + 30 do they still commit an offence? Are they now allowed to start processing my information again?
  13. hi, I specifically want transcripts of phone calls to them but as im going to pay a tenner I may as well ask for it all. I called them and cancelled my contract in Oct, then a couple of months later they added a large lump of money to my overall debt (as well as not cancelling when i called despite sayin it was cancelled). anyway, i have tried to adapt the bank one and this is what i have, please can someone have a look at it for me. oh and its with a DCA now and they are still marking my CRA file, each month. Thanks in advance
  14. hi, well I sent my s.a.r. to my local branch as I decided to get my bank account details too. I have now received all of my statements twice over in 5 different packages, one of the envelopes had ripped too!
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