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  1. Thanks for the response but do you have template letter I can write and complain with reference to section 56 of the cca. I appreciate your feedbacks
  2. Please I need some help, I took out a loan awhile ago that am still paying for it and decided to claim my PPI back, I called Blackhorse and filled in the questionnaire that was sent to me but to my amazement today I received a letter stating "In your questionnaire dated you said You were not informed of the features, benefits, exclusions and limitations of the policy You were told that taking out the policy would increase your chances of getting the loan It was not made clear that the PPI policy is optional You advised that we automatically included PPI in the quotation Yo
  3. Hello Tonycee, Below is the letters I wrote Barclays that they made me an offer, first letter I purchased the above policy from you on the dated but now believe that I was mis-sold this policy for the following reasonsas your salesperson was very pushy in selling me the policy so that I felt I could not say no and also I was told that I would stand more chance of getting the loan if I took the Payment Protection Insurance Unless you can satisfactorily justify to me that the policy was fair and reasonable I am requesting a full refund of all premiums, and subsequent interest on
  4. Hello All, I have just received a final and full offer from Barclays for £3238.60 and they pointed out that this additional refund is made with no admission of liability by the insurers or secured Barclay loan. My question is should I take it as a partial offer and still go back for the remaining £7000 they charged me. I paid Barclays £9,999 in PPI payments, interest excluded. And if I decide to purse the rest of the money is there a template I can use or what do I do next. Your help is highly appreciated.
  5. Hi, Please I need some help, I have sent the first letter requesting for my PPI refunds back, its almost £10K. I just received a letter from the Barclays Bank stating that after carrying out a full investigation and reviewing their telephone callls during the loan application process that my case is uphold and they will not pay out. They also said that after looking into the complaint that the details in respect of both the loan and PPI were explained fully and therefore no payments. Please what I do ............... any help will be appreciated.
  6. Dear All, I need some help, a friend of mine borrowed £50K from Baclays in 2005 and was then charged £9965 in payment protection insurance. It was a single payment on top of the loan which amounted to £59965, her payments were £449 a month and now she was paid the whole loan off. Can she claim her PPI back because she insisted that she was forced in it or else they would not give the loan (there is no evident on that) Any help will be appreciated, thanks.
  7. Thanks for your reply ....... I have read it. Should i go ahead with my case and charge them to court? I am a bit struck and any advice will be appreciated.
  8. Hello Everyone, I have recently written 2 LBA letters to Halifax and recently received the reply from them; Until the determination of the legal issues in above proceedings, we have asked the FSA to suspend the normal timetable for dealing with bank charges. Also until the test case they will not be settling any claims and they will write to the court to hold and claims there until the test case. What do I do next? I have already written to my local MP about this. Any help will be appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the help, i will keep you posted.
  10. Dear All, I need help in taking Natwest to court for charges up to £3900, i have written all the letters and sticked to the timetable but they have not responded at all. Where do i go from here, i need your help. Thanks, koko Halifax pull in FULL:cry:
  11. Hi, I am about to start my court case with Lloyds TSB Bank after sending all the letters and sticking to the timetable, i need some advise on the below issues; If i decide to use moneyclaim which Lloyds TSB address do i use and how do i go about this or should i an N1 form instead. Lloyds TSB are providing to be too stubborn and i need all the advise you can give me. Thanks koko Two halifax accounts settled in FULL:|
  12. Hi, I am about to start a claim throught Money Claim, which Lloyds TSB address did you use. Thanks
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