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  1. Well, for the computer gadet company that I work for the warranty is 2 years (As long as proof of purchase is provided). But am not certain if this is just our company policy or if it is some EU regulation (Something about electrical components being fit for purpose for up to 2 years). Who is the manufacturer of the netbook ? sometimes contacting them directly (With the proof of purchase) is the better way forward, rather then contacting the retailers who you purchased it from.
  2. Sorry, the MCOL is a online HMCS site that allows you to file for damages and other claims in the courts: Her Majesty's Courts Service. But before filing I think you should wait for some advice from more experienced members (aka planner) as I am not sure what you should put down on your particulars of claim (Well it would be something like "So and so company signed a no break claus contract to rent out my property and then changed the terms of the contract without my permissionand against the terms of the contract". But is this a well known estate agents or a local one to your area ? only re
  3. I think you have answered your own question "There is no break clause in the 12 months agreement" so I think you can Sue via MCOL.
  4. Hi Sorry Was rushing my reply before, here is the more info The notice is from their mortage company seeking re-possession (Which it looks like they have got). We didn't get any correspondence at all (There have been letters coming for them but we didn't open them at all) so we have not even been in contact with the courts. This letter however had their name and any other occupants so we opened it and there you have it.
  5. OK kind of a Final Update: Got a letter today: "Notice of Eviction" dated the 8th of Jan from the local county court ! Looks like Elvis will be leaving the building ! LL has not collected their letters for the last 2 months, so I am assuming they dont care and would rather be rid of the property (It needs the boiler changed, nogas safty certificate, damp etc). So it looks like I need to get out ASAP........
  6. I am by no means a expert ! so take everything I say with a pinch of salt (Am sure a more experienced member will come along) but from my own situation I think you need to contact the Environmental Health first of all and ask them ASAP to come and Visit your property, they do have the power to up you up the housing list. If the property will be re-possesed (Which does seem likely unfortunatly) thenyou should start looking for another place, but do not move until you get the court order and a date, if you do move before this then you will have made yourself intenionally homeless and the cou
  7. Thank you all for the advice (Planner, jackandwayne and surfaceagentx20 !), but I am struggling to understand their (the landlords) next move as such. I mean it seems they know that they served a incorrect s21 (As the dates were clearly out), they also know that they have failed to to get the gas safty certificate and investigate the situation with the damp (Even though the Environmental Health has been trying to contact them). I do have everything documented, but I am thinking what if they decide not to pursue going to court and decide not to continue paying the morgate (As they were
  8. Just a update. No news yet, they have not contacted us at all and no letters yet . Environmental Health are still trying to get in contact with them (mean while I had to purchase a inflatable bed as can't live sleep in the bedroom). And still no gas safty certificate !!
  9. How did your father pay ? was it cash in hand or via a direct debit / standing order with the bank ? if he did pay via the bank then there should be some records on his account..........maybe not 10 years worth but it could be a start.
  10. OK a slight update, a friend who lives oppersite called me yesterday afternoon that the landlord came around yesterday while I was at work and tried to enter the flat (We had the locks changed as my partner lost her key and as we don't have his address we could not send the spare set to him). I was under the impression that he had to give 24 hours notice if we wanted to visit ? Anyway he then waited until my partner came back from work after collecting our son from nursery and precedded to give her jib in a very menacing way, she politly told him to contact me as I am dealing with
  11. Yes on a number of occasions over the last 3 weeks, they keep on trying to contact him but have not been able to........:-?, I have a feeling that as the boiler will need to be replaced, they won't do it until after the date of the s21 (e.g. they are expecting us to move so are holding out for that and avoiding any contact with Health people !)
  12. Well the 1st has come and gone and no contact yet, will print out the information about the s48 & s21 for when the date on the s21 which he served (Which I suppose is then he will come around for the keys). Still no Gas Safty check yet and the damp is still bad (Leaving the windows open during the day when I am work is not really a option on a ground floor flat where I live !, I might as well leave the door open).
  13. So I should ask for a section 48 , I will do but I doubt that they will comply at all so what is the penalty for non complience ? A slight update, the environmental health and safety came again and say that although there is damp / wet wall its not that bad and we should leave the windows open ................yeah right.
  14. OK thank you for the advice ! will update tommorrow after the visit of the H & S people !
  15. no he has not served a S20 at all, and we still do not have the address ! (shocking I know). The environmental health people are coming around tommorrow morning to look at the damp / mould and the blocked drains outside ! How do I defend it ? If I dont have his address to send any correspondence to ?
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