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  1. I need some help, I have received £390 of the £1825 I'm claiming from the Abbey. I have sent them a letter informing them that I would accept another £820 on top for a compromise if they were to put the funds in my ACCOUNT BY THE 24/10/06 tHEY HAVE NOT AND ARE TOTALLY IGNORING MY FOLLOW UP LETTERS AND CALLS. i NEED TO KNOW HOW TO START WITH THE COURTS NOW... PLEASE ANUONE COZ I'M TAKING THIS ALL THE WAY. CHEERS ROY
  2. Hi everyone, I have taken on the Abbey for £1825 I sent all the Appropriate letters and they offered gave me £390 straight away as they said a good will gesture… HA, I sent a letter back informing them that I would take that as part of my payment but would still be seeking full payment. I then sent them a letter offering to meet them part way. That if they had put a further £810 we by the 24/10/06 I would except that at full payment. Since then I have sent a few offer letter and now have sent them a a final notice to commence court action! I need to know where to find the appropriate form to take to the court and go through with it all now. What is my next step and how do I go about it in simple terms please. Regards
  3. I have followed all the great information on here, it started about 3 months ago when I asked for my six years records and it took 10 weeks and so many phone calls to get them... then after eight weeks one of the people at Abbey said that they hadn't been ordered... Strange do you think? I said, you have about ten calls from me and recorded them yet you have just informed me that all these other people I spoke to and kept telling me it takes time and they have to get them from arcive and thats why it takes so long... didn't mention to me, sorry we haven't ordered them yet... a total lie... anyway after that they got them to me in 2 weeks! I have asked for £1825 back they gave me £390 as good will, I say insult and I've sent back a refusal letter with a compromise, asking for another £820 to be in my account by the 24/10/06 or I will go to court and claim the full amount! I feel I have been fair letting them off for £600 as my good will, if they don't do it by the 24/10/06 what is the next template I need to use to continue? I will see this through to the end... can anyone tell me the next part of the paper work I need to prepare please. Regards Roy
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