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  1. I will find out how much it costs in the morning from one of the transcriber companies found here http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/ex107info_e.pdf I will purchase a copy using form here http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/ex107_e1007.pdf and will post THE FULL TRANSCRIPT when I have it.
  2. Is it illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn?. Technically, there is no law specifically against this, but it is illegal to stop unnecessarily on the Autobahn and this law is also applied to people who run out of fuel as such an occurrence is deemed to be preventable.
  3. Give them a ring see if they deliver, order up a egg on your face omelette, the yokes on you roll, and a portion of in your face spaghetti, washed down with dont cry in your milk.
  4. wow, your talking to yourself now, but then you have no friends, your wife says hi by the way.
  5. b1gn3ll, ignore jeremylongfinger, this is about his third user name this week.
  6. as i said on http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/137201-unfair-parking-charges-issued.html Julian Fiddlepots last post 16th April 2008, 22:20 Bernard Skintlebingers first post 17th April 2008, 22:02 whats your user name tommorrow troll.
  7. that address belongs to these people http:// www. ctadvantage. com/ just take out the spaces
  8. Your right DeafSteve at least once a week a new one pops up, or the same one pops up with new name, they must be bricking it, every tactic they do is shared, every letter they write is shared, and they dont like it up em. So the only thing left is to try and make out on here that what they do is ok and legal, but now even the judges know this isnt the case.
  9. Julian, are you going to be adding all your duff posts again tonight, if so make a super troll one and turn off the light and close the door on the way out. You work for a parking company we get it, but get this many many many better qualified and more informed people post on this forum, go tell your boss that your tactics dont work. The advice given on this site is sound, your notices are not worth the paper their written on, neither are any of your posts. Jorzoe, ignore the troll, follow the stickies, dont pay.
  10. I wish to make a constructive contribution to this community Oh I'm sorry, yes after reading your comments since joining today I can clearly see the constructive contribution you have provided to this community. So which company did you say you worked for again?
  11. Fiddlepot, is it part of parking companies terms of reference you have to do at least one week of the month on internet troll duties? Do you get overtime for joining forums and post trolllike comments at 10 o'clock at night? Do you have to go on a weekend seminar/break on speaking troll? or do they provide you with a script? Do you get the next day off if you get to 10 troll posts in an evening?
  12. FSA 25 The North Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5HS OFT Enquiries Unit Office of Fair Trading Fleetbank House 2-6 Salisbury Square London, EC4Y 8JX. TS Trading Standards Central - Trading Standards and Consumer Protection information for the UK put your postcode in for your nearest one, and then the companies address of whom you want to complain about
  13. this is what i would do send the letter to mobile select, 3mobile, ofcom and ts, take a copy of the bill and send the original back to 3mobile but at the begging of the letter put please find enclosed letter sent to mobile select, ofcom and ts, I have tried three times to obtain a returns address for this miss sold phone only for mobile select to refuse to send one, as for the bill please take this matter up with mobile select. then copy and paste the contents of letter sent to mobile select. the copy to trading standards put further to my contact with you on xxx please find enclosed letter sent to mobile select, 3mobile and ofcom, and a copy of the bill that i have now been presented with due to mobile selects refusal after three attempts to obtain a returns address as per your advice, i request you escalate this matter to a full complaint, I have informed 3mobile to take the matter of the bill up with mobile select, can i have an acknowledgment of this letter and a reference number, then copy and paste the contents of letter sent to mobile select. (dont forget to keep a copy of the bill for yourself.) with the copy to ofcom put please find enclosed a copy of my letter sent to mobile select, 3mobile and ts along with a copy of a bill i have been sent due to the miss selling of mobile phone and mobile selects refusal after three attempts and on the advice of ts to obtain from them a returns address i wish to make a formal complaint for you to investigate can i have an acknowledgment of this letter and a reference number, then copy and paste the contents of letter sent to mobile select. on the letter you send to mobile select and 3mobile ofcom and ts put all addresses on it so each address can see who it has gone to ie on mobile selects letter put their address first then 3mobiles then ts then ofcom on 3mobiles letter put their address first then mobile select then ts then ofcom on ts letter put their address first then mobile select then 3mobile then ofcom on ofcom letter put their address first then mobile select then 3 mobile then ts that way mobile select can see that you have made the matter known to ts and ofcom, then wait to see what each one has to say. again this is only what i would do.
  14. someone with more knowledge will come along i'm sure but personally and this is only what I would do is in the letter to mobiles I would put something along the lines of as per the telephone conversation I had with one of you operators on (insert date) I was informed I would receive a callback with the return address, your company failed to ring back, after making a formal complaint to trading standards they advised me to contact your company again in order for you to send me an return address. On contacting your company for a return address the phonecall was terminated by two of your companies operators, the third time I called I was informed that I now could not return the phone. I have also discovered that (insert insurance company name) had taken 79.99 without our consent, (insert insurance company name) was contacted and after explaining your companies behavior (insert insurance company name) immediately sent a cheque for the full amount which was received xxx. Due to your failing as promised to return my any of my calls with a your returns address, I have researched your company, and have discovered numerous complaints associated with it, the complaints are mainly your companies refusal to provide a proper return address, and that the one listed on your website is merely a company name, however, I have now located the full return address and it is their your will find your phone. Which was sent by (recorded or special delivery and the tracking number is xxx) again this is what I would do, and as I said someone with a bit more knowledge will look at this thread and may have a different slant on it.
  15. I just put vanguard plc in google, its the only one that came up, you could put in the letter you send with the phone as per instructions from (insert webaddress) and in line with their returns policy please find enclosed ect ect dont forget to send either recorded or better yet special delivery and then inform mobiles select what you did ie as per your returns procedure i have returned the phone to vanguard plc (insert their full address) and heres the recorded or special delivery number job done
  16. website here for them http:// www. freemobilesselect. co. uk/index.htm have to take out the spaces this website is registered to Joseph Fusco Free Mobiles Select Ltd 9 Axis Court Mallard Way swansea SA7 0AJ GB their returns policy says send it to Vanguard Plc their address is vanguard plc, Llanon, Ffordd Derwen, Rhyl, Clwyd, LL18 2LS (Wales)
  17. ignore the troll follow the stickies as pin1onu says, Minsreller, boring seen heard it all before, just close the door and turn off the light on your way out.
  18. well I am still not happy I gave my bank details to some man in Nigeria and I still have not got my penis enlarger, or Viagra
  19. Dell Products c/o Milbanke House Western Road Bracknell Berks RG12 1RD Dell Products is registered in the Republic of Ireland under company number 191034 with registered address 25/28 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1. VAT registration number is IE 6591034U.
  20. Hmm subtle, to the point, clear and concise, works for me :grin:
  21. send them one in the style of Mr T. Nelson, Quit your Jibba Jabba, I pity the fool that takes you seriously, Don't make me mad grrrrrr, Shut up fool, and Don't give me no back talk sucka. First name Mister, Middle name Period, Last name T.
  22. i have added the info in bold what was there, it is for an overdraft that is currently stayed. received saturday 23rd dated 15th envelope says 22nd.
  23. i have removed the address under mrs, the date the ref number, account number, overdrawn balance and the amount in action to remedy required to remedy the rest is. the date is the 15th and the frank stamp on envelope is the 22nd.
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