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  1. Hi sidewinder Thanks for reply. I'm concerned about how it's affecting my credit rating.
  2. Hi I defaulted on an overdraft with Halifax about 4 years ago, the account kept going round in circles with Halifax charging me for going overdrawn which was putting me back to be being overdrawn or no access to funds. I tried to fight them on it, but they were not budging and i got tired. I stopped using that account and got a new current account and have never looked back. However, Halifax have never contacted me about the debt, I have moved twice since and looking at my credit file it seems they have sold the debt to Cabot and has my current address. Cabot hav
  3. Oh how long winded! Its taken them ages to send what they have lol. Will see what I have at dads and if I have thrown everything away then will send a failed SAR
  4. hmmm...I used to save everything, will hunt through things at my dads this weekend and see what I can dig up
  5. The Loan was from LloydsTSB, I recently got all ,my data from them I have all my statements from Lloyds TSB which is where I have got all the dates and amounts from, I also have all my credit card statements. Going through the documents they have not provided my loan agreements from 2001, only the one from 2003 and 2006. My Credit card application in 2000 I have ticked I do not wish to protect my payments, can't see any transcripts that say I asked for it to be added...although just checking and they have only sent me credit card statements from end of 2011. I've had my Llo
  6. I am finally starting with my PPI claims, starting with Lloyds TSB, its not a huge amount, but every penny counts right. The payments are from as far back as 2001, on my bank statements there are payments to Pinnacle Insurance but I can't remember what this is for, I am sure its for a loan, does anyone recognise what this might be for? On my credit card I was paying Cardholder Protection Plan, the amount that was paid varied according to the balance, so I am not sure how I calculate the interest, can anyone help on this? I have attached my spreadsheet V LloydsTSB PPI.xls
  7. Brilliant Thank you. Will get this process going as soon as possible and keep you posted
  8. WellI think I had PPi with every loan or credit card I had.I had a graduate loan with Natwest and LLoysdTSB and don't remember even being told what a PPI is.Same with my credit cards with LloydsTSB, Natwest, Egg and Barclaycard.Do I need to write to all these companies and I suppose I have to find all my account numbers too?
  9. Hi AllI think I maybe eligible to claim back PPI, but how many years back can we claim for?Where do I start, I can't seem to find my way around to get a definetive 'this is what you need to do' page Vaishali
  10. haven't updated this post for a while, had a lot of problems so not been able to get on to it. I received my credit agreeement from Egg, will get it scanned in for review. Its really long though. Has anyone been successful doing this?
  11. Well I sent the letter to Egg on 29/12/2009 and still no response and I have been getting my post as usual. I also wrote to Natwest and started a new thread in Natwest http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/241603-natwest-requst-cca.html#post2694456 If you could please have a look and let me know any advise you may have on that issue
  12. Not sure what I am supposed to do now? Any advise from anyone?
  13. Hello I recently wrote to Natwest to request my CCA for Loan I had taken out a while back. But I got a letter back from them saying that are unable to action it at present and want me to send the letter back to them SIGNED, and also to take my passport or driving license into a Natwest branch and get them to fax it to the office to verifiy the signature!!! This can't be right!? The thing is they have all documents in my maiden and I am now married.
  14. In that case I should sign it as a test, since I am married now and my signature has changed... Ok i won't sign it ;}
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