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  1. Hi, I opened an account with co-op about six months ago. As I have had over 3 DDs returned in 3 months, they are shutting my account down. I have only ever been o/d by £2.00 and never more than 48 housr. I get money paid into my account twice a week. Is there anything I can do?
  2. I have received letter from Natwest saying they will not remove. Any ideas what to do now?
  3. That is fantastic. I am so pleased for you.
  4. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/11644-allocation-questionnaires-guide-completion.html Try this - GREAT!!
  5. I am at that point too. I have no idea what to write in section G. I will spend some time and come back if I have any ideas. If you get any further, could you please let me know what you put. Many thanks
  6. Good stuff. Realy pleased for you. Enjoy it!!
  7. To be fair. I gave my sort code and account number and they were unable to trace - wonder if this is a new tactic!!
  8. HKS

    Please Help!!

    I guess my confusion comes in as the Prelim letter is if the charges have already been taken from you. I see what you are both saying though and it is just a matter of tweaking the letter slightly. Will get on that tomorrow. Appreciate the help. Thanks.
  9. In the FAQ's they say to make sure removal of default is part of the deal in regards to bank charges when it gets to court. Do you think it is worth going for both at the same time? I have only just realised how bad a default is. I was very naive when I was younger! The problem I have is that I have already sent off Prelim. I don't know whether to wait til court and go for both at same time as Natwest doesn't eem to pay up before it gets to court or deal with it seperately. If anyone has been there done that or knows what to do, I would be v grateful if you could give me some help.
  10. Hi ya. Did you use the letter in the template library?
  11. I am going after Natwest to get my charges back but also want my default from 10/2003 removed. As suggested in FAQs, I have started a thread t discuss. Does anyone have any ideas to help me move forward with this?
  12. HKS

    Please Help!!

    Have received statement from Paragon telling me I owe 250.00 in charges. I have paid the last installment for my agreement but they are telling me it can't be settled until the charges are paid. Where do you suggest I go from here? Thanks in advance for the help!
  13. Well done! It is great isn't it. Hopefully they will allow you to keep your account open.
  14. Hi ya, So sorry have been offline and just seenyour thread. Glad you got it all sorted. looking forward to the post saying you have your money in a week or so!
  15. HKS

    HKS v Nationwide

    Thanks oooeee. Hope move went well. Always a nightmare moving!
  16. Yes 7 days include weekend. If the last letter you sent was LBA and 14 days are up - issue proceedings. I had a letter from them today offering me half!!
  17. I printed and attached on a seperate sheet but if you fit it in that is also fine. Put the Swindon address for nationwide. Oh and relax!! You will be fine.
  18. I am 2 days from issuing judgement. I used N1 form, do In need to take the issue of judgement to the court or can it be posted?
  19. I would give them until 9th. They have had long enough to put it back into your account anyway. I really hope they pay up for you.
  20. Thanks, much appreciated. GE seem to be a pain in the backside! Are people having to get to court stage B4 they get their money?
  21. HKS

    HKS v Nationwide

    Just leave the court costs line. Put your name and address in the claimants part. You have to take N1 form to the court regardless so they will tell you there if anything has been cocked up and you can change it there and then!! Let me know if you need any more help.
  22. That is perfect and as I am having the same problems I will use that!!
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