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  1. Not that this makes much difference but just so you know....It is actually a Castleford or pontefract number which is around 12 miles out of Leeds.
  2. im sure you can write a letter to tell them you want your name clearing because they arent allowed to do it. its on this site somewhere try the bank charges section. good luck
  3. In other words they are a goverment body so they make the rules up as they go along.
  4. my mum and a work friend opened up one of these for a lottery syndicate safe account for the monies they won....however the guy who did open it with her went on the sick and never returned to work...my mum had the bank book and wen she tried to draw it for the works christmas do they told her that he had to be with her. He gave a letter and he phoned the bank to give authorisation and they wouldnt accept it, they insisted he be there in person with my mum to draw it out. So after many failed attempts to get him to come to the bank with my mum and draw it out ...it remains in the banks possesi
  5. hi i dont think your car insurance covers u for driving another vehicle unless it is insured and then no matter what your cover is ie fully comp they will only insure u third party for the car your using, and only if the car is insured by who ever it belongs to. So with regards to your question and parking your vehicle it would not be covered on the street if someone bashed it or nicked it anyway no mmatter who left it there cos it isnt insured.
  6. Hello everyone, After browsing the site for quite a few weeks now and reading up on everything in my spare time, i think ive soaked up enuff information to start my claim without being an hinderance to everyone asking questions. So today ive sent my letter requesting my computer printoffs of my statements for the last 6 years ..... i eagerly await them dropping thru the letterbox...and for the first time in my life im looking forward to receiving the charges that have been made, by the halifax, against me. I will keep you posted and will be donating a nice sum to th
  7. Hello Everyone, Im new on here today and found the link via the Motley Fool website. Im very excited at the moment on reading the vast amount of legal issues and our rights, posted by your members. It looks like the housework is going to have to wait till tomorrow....or maybe the next day. Ill go now and explore the site and look forward to your help with a few questions of my own.
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