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  1. Oh, and dont write to littlewoods. Our mail's about 3 weeks behind, a phone calls easiest. If Nationwide debt recoverys now dealing call 08706007070 If its still with littlewoods call 0870 600 50 81
  2. You can phone the debt collection agency now dealing with the debt and they can set up lower payments with you. They wont instruct ballifs or take court action as long as you are honest and reasonable in repaying the debt. If you STILL cannot make the payments they are wanting from yourself (they usually want the amount cleared within 6 months), you can ask the cccs or CAB to go through your income and expenditure and they legally have to accept a negotiated payment with them
  3. Under the DPA you are ENTITLED to them, so first of all state this. If they still argue (and you are anxious to get the ball rolling) I'd personally pay (£5 at RBS if memory serves correctly, £10 in most other banks). If you DONT wish to pay, I'd take it further and complain to the Information Commissioners Office, regarding the banks breach of data protection due to their refusal to give information. You are not asking for the ACTUAL statements, your asking for all data, and thus you are entitled to them
  4. I'd definetly pursue it further. If the account was closed, all cheque books should have been retained, and checks done to ensure no cheques were outstanding. It's THEIR negligence
  5. You can request copies of all statements. They MAY charge you, but first say that under the DPA you are entitled to view any information held about yourself by the bank.
  6. Sorry. My response was also valid for zincoxide
  7. Did you allow the full 40 days? If so I'd approach the Information Commissioners Office regarding the breach of data protection. You are entitled to this information. If they still refuse you can offer to pay (its £5 i think) for all copies and they CANNOT refuse.
  8. Thats bullshit. I worked for RBS. What youre friend probably MEANT was that rbs rank customers in risk terms. 10 is HIGH 1 is LOW Low risk customers are those earning MASSIVE ammounts of money, and thus dont need any credit, loans, morgages etc. High risk is people who've defaulted loans, morgages or are with outside bodies e.g. greg pennington. The BEST clients to sell loans/credit to are around a 7, medium risk but still NEED credit. Charges CAN be refunded, but dependant on track history e.g. have u been charged numerous times and always had them refunded? Charges are
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