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  1. Thanks guys, I feel so sad that of course Martin's dear Fam have lost their loved one, and they will need all their strength to support each other right now at this very sad time. And it goes without saying that this community on here has also lost a dear, caring and helpful campaigning brother x Jan, I've messaged you hun x
  2. PLEASE RE DIRECT THIS TO THE APPROPRIATE THREAD GUYS, THANKS. I was so sad to read my emails this morning. I haven't posted for a while because Family life took over etc. When I first joined this forum I was at my wits end, not knowing which way to turn and Martin and you regs, helped me no end in so many ways and I will be for ever grateful to Martin and this forum. Please convey my good wishes to Martin's dear Family at this sad time. (((X))) I live in Liverpool so if anyone from the Forum is going to Martin's funeral, I am happy to join you or indeed go on my own. Please DM/PM me
  3. I was saddened to read my emails this morning to hear this very sad news about Martin. I send my good wishes to his family and prayers for you all to get through this very sad time (((XXX))) I live in Liverpool and if anyone is going to Dear Martin's funeral please DM/PM me. Love Glen in Liverpool
  4. sorry for the delay, family illness again... Yes if you have a reasonable relationship with him/her. Any professional who we think are on the same wave length as us, would be a good person to initiate the TAC. Good luck and stand your ground. We and our children are entitled to this way of working... x
  5. Freebird..... Lynyrd Skynyrd YouTube - FreeBird-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Lyrics Included
  6. I just wanted to start a thread to explain how we go about getting an effective Team to work around our children with disabilities. I've struggled, still am. Especially with my little'uns traumatic transition into Junior School having 3 different ESA'a introduced to her in 1 week. ( I'm on their case and heavy dialogue is ongoing ! ) The Government is intructing all Children's Service Teams in LA's to work in a Team Around The Child way. Using Person Centred Plans and Person Centred Reviews. You and your child can initiate this and set a team up. Choosing a Key Worker who's
  7. I'm wondering if it depends on the Local Authority, but as far as I'm aware, warm front and similar grants can only be given to house owners. Teneants of local housing authority or any other social landlords don't qualify. I just thought it was woth mentioning because I went down that route as we had noe heating in our house for many years with just one gas fire in the living room to heat the whole house and even with disabilities the grant making companies would not help us, as we live in a Council house. Luckily we had heating put in two years ago and I honestly don't know how we
  8. Emma PM me with your contact info I'm in Liverpool too. Don't post it here though. Freebird x
  9. Cidergirl, Do you remember when your son was 11 and the LA statemented him, for having learning difficulties and behavioural problems, what did the statement say about him receivng support from a learning mentor/Educational Support Assistant. Was his statement reviewed every year. Were there ever changes made to it to accomodate your son's needs ? I am just curious why they never assesed him for ASD/ADHD when he was 11 or anytime between then and 17 ? I'm also curious what the statement was given to him for. Do you feel that having the statement helped him in any way. I get so mad w
  10. Sharan, my daughter has Down Syndrome/ ASD/ ADHD, so I have an idea where you're at. If you look in the thread about Statements of SEN you will see all the stuff I wrote about the Team Around The Child and this should ideally be initiated in early years. Contact the numbers below and see if Wigan has an Early Years Team who you can talk to. I got these numbers of people in wigan who might be able to help you also, ( worth a chat anyway ) Wigan, Shirley - Tel:01257 421302 or Steve and Josie Brodrick 01942 748301 - Wigan, Lancashire Wigan, Ann, PARENTS IN NEED, Tel:0800-917-679
  11. Hi Lesley. all good advice here so far... LA's are reluctant to give out statements for various reasons but my own cynical view is that a statement is a legal document and if they do not deliver the services stated, they can be sued...... We all know that they frequently don't deliver and the anguish caused through legal action, delays, jargon, lies and bad attitudes is set to wear us down..to make us give up.. Of course that's my cynical opinion from personal experience. Here's another option. The Government is instructing LA's to work in a Team Around The Child Way.
  12. Jan, which Theatre was it? If you don't want to post for legal reasons, PM me. Would you be prepared to copy in North West Disabilty Arts. NWDAF - North West Disability Arts Forum - Disability and Deaf Arts Organisation I know Ruth Gould one of the Directors there and Ruth delivers disability awareness training. Ruth is their creative director and I feel sure that she will be interested to know about this discrimination and also their disgusting attitude.. Have a look at their web site, Jan. They are such a good organisation and promote arts for people with disabilities, through
  13. Sharon, Seftonview offered some good advice there. Your health visitor or GP are the best, but if you really want to chat with other women there are forums to do this. I am not in a position to say if these forums are good or not but to save you searching here are a couple you could try. Pregnancy after miscarriage : Discussion Board soFeminine - 31 August The Miscarriage Association - introduction Look after yourself and rest. don't make yourself ill with all the worrying. Freebird
  14. George from past experience, when my Mum had her car vandalised several times motability made her pay for the damage when she took it back. Consequently I've opted twice now to purchase on motability finance for my daughters car and pick up the bills myself. Two smashed windows, I claimed on insurance for paying the excess. But someone recently told me that motability are now more flexible with leased cars and you don't have to pay for damage when you take it back and also the mileage allowance is higher too. I'm going to check this out, but not in a position to swap cars just yet.
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