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  1. Right-o, that's tomorrow night sorted then!!!
  2. Well well well - the plot thickens like a tepid cream of chicken soup. I need a bit of guidance here. I'm fully prepared to go to court with this bad boy as i'm a little more flush than usual right now but after i sent my LBA on the 23rd August i've been confronted with this... "Blah blah apologies for the non reply to your letter dated 2nd August 2006 this was due to non receipt of the original letter. Blah blah our charges are fair, reasonable and transparent (stifle laughter). We are committed to ensuring the transparency of the information that we give to our customers about th
  3. I knew the Grisham thing was off to a winner! Might have to tone it down for Daytime TV though!!!
  4. Good God Ruby!!! Have you thought of jazzing up your story with a car chase and selling it to John Grisham? My LBA goes out tomorrow - hope it goes slightly better than your fiasco but the bank never even responded to the initial letter!
  5. Yes, please do sock it to them. The swines.
  6. Alright, 14 days from the initial letter are almost up and i've had zero by the way of a response (typical!). I'll be sending the next letter out in the next day or two - i was just wondering about a couple of stray details. Does everyone use recorded delivery? I didn't for the first letter and am slightly worried that they will claim they never received it. I sent it to the branch where my current account is held. Searching the FAQ's didn't seem to say anything different and i'm sure an efficient and established financial institute like RBS would be able to get the piece of post re
  7. Oh I know i will, i'm the dogged type. But like i said - i wouldn't trust the fools at RBS to add up how many world cups England have won. I'll keep y'all abreast of the situation.
  8. Why? Because my faith in banks and their activities is non existent. They really are quite useless. Cheers anyhow.
  9. I'm with Me.x - sending my prelim letter in a few hours. I must say that your thread makes for thrilling reading though. In a kind of financial way. Good luck and don't let the swines grind you down with their ignorance!
  10. Hi there, been reading the site on and off for about a month now (damnable heatwave kept me out of the attic where the computer is!). Going to send my prelim letter in the morning to my branch - charges of £468 from back in 2003. Lucky i kept all the statements even though i panicked about identity theft! Thought i'd best start this thread in order to keep track over the course of the claim. Wish me luck folks! Chris.
  11. Will do Michael, thanks for the welcome - i've just spent a heart wrenching hour going through 4 years of bank statements. All that money...
  12. Hello there, I'm definitely in the right place. Having been charged left right and centre since i stopped becoming a student by my bank i've decided that enough is enough. I'll be cracking on with the FAQ tonight! Cheers + when the claim comes back i'll hopefully have got enough to kickback to the site. Chris.
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