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  1. Well, At last it arrived today... the cheque for £2526 landed on me today (came as a huge shock, as only yesterday I had a letter from the Courts giving me my court date). For anyone reading this forum for the first time, waiting for money or thinking about claiming, follow the rules on here to the letter and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank (and laughing at them!). Its not over yet, I still have another account to claim against and one for the A&L - but i'm not scared no more.... this is a haven for wrongly done people against gready banks. CAG rules...... Ragingbull.
  2. Hi All, I have turned down Natwests 50% of my claim offer and now have a court date... sadly its not until Early January but if thats how long I have to wait the then i can... as long as the moneys coming!
  3. Any news yet Chris? Im still waiting for a response to my first offered Rejected letter / email I sent to Cobbetts. Hope all is going ok for you Ta RB
  4. Hi All, Aq's were submitted by both parties by Sunday, and then on Wednesday... an offer... my first.. and I have to admit I was pretty tempted, Im claiming £2600 but they offered a goodwill payment of £1300. I read other peoples responses and rejected via email to Cobbetts. Will keep you posted. Remember... Don't have nightmares Ragingbull
  5. Hi Chris, How goes it? Your case is very similar to mine... Natwest waited to the last day to fill in their AQ's, have you seen a copy of theirs? I received a copy on Monday that Corbetts had filled it, and on Tuesday another letter from Corbetts saying they'll offer me a goodwill payment of £1300.00 but im gonna hold out for the ful £2600 they owe me. Yours will be just round the corner! Ragingbull
  6. Hi I too have a defence submitted by Nat West. Did they send you the AQ form or did you obtain it from somewhere else? Looks like we are both in the same boat! Part of me wants them to make and offer before it gets to court, but part of me wants to go to court to defend it and see the whole process through now I've started! Ragingbull
  7. Good Morning All, Finally, on the last of the 28 waiting days, natwest have submitted their defence. They (Corbetts) want to know which accounts were charged and when. Im guessing its the same bog standard letter that everyone else has had. Any advice, what do I do next, a lot of people have been mentioning and AQ... Im unsure what this is. Thanks
  8. Thanks Chris.... for a minute I thought I was the only one! Im not really sure on the A/Q's.. anyone got any useful information.
  9. Well, I thought I d update you on my situation. As you may know, Ive done all the business and have gone through Moneyclaim and Natwest have 28 days to defend their claim... that was 23 days ago, since they responded with the bog standard solicitors letter! So Im hoping for news in the next 5 days... Anyone got any advice, been here before, etc. Ta RB
  10. RagingBull


    Hi All, Had a letter from Natwests Solictors saying they are going to defend the claim in full (after I did eveything you should and went through Money Claim). Has anyone else had this response? I am prepared to go to court but I wondered if anyone else has had this letter and didn't end up in court... did they settle before? I am now playing the 28 days waiting game, in which they have to defend their claim. Advice anyone? Ta Raging Bull
  11. Hi All, I got in contact with Natwest about 6 weeks ago, requesting my charges, on two accounts I was told £852 on one account but they'd have to send me statements for the other account, which they did, £1793 on that one. I wrote to them saying I wanted it back (after reading the forum for about a week!) via one of the letter templates.... did not hear from the for 2 weeks... sent another letter saying this is the second time I have responded, etc.... Had a letter back saying: " We believe our charges are gar, reasonable and transparent. We consider the amounts debitted to your account have been strictly in accordance with your agreement with us and our published tariff, which we are satisfied, complies with all applicable laws and regulations. We are also committed to ensuring the transparency of the information we give to our customers about the operation of our products" They close the letter with: "I am disappointed that you are considering legal action against the bank. Whilst I hope you will be able to reconsider, should you decide to go ahead, please ensure that any proceedings are served on our Register Office Address" Signed Stuart Higley. Anyone else had the same Letter? What do you think is my next best plan of action? Thanks Raging Bull
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