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  1. Money paid into Barclays account Friday stating 'Agreed Settlement - One Churchill Place' Thanks everyone for your support... a big thanks to Bookworm! I will donate as soon as I work out how! Heidik
  2. ps- Bookworm, looks like we don't get the chance to buy you the 3 course meal as you won't be needing to come to court (surprise**)
  3. Hi Bookworm Long time no speak hey! I know I would have got the full amount but I really can't be bothered... I have such bad monring sickness I have not been able to get the the PC lately?! My hubby sent the form back (joint account) and under my strict instructions he crossed out the confidentiality term and stated clearly we will not be calling the court as to the settlement until all money is in the account. So they should get it Thursday. I am also in Australia so it makes the whole process so drawn out. Bring on 7 months!
  4. What I am trying to put across is that if I include what step 5 in the templates library shows me to use as my particulars of claim, and what the moneyclaim website tells me to include, it takes me over the 1080 character/24 lines limit, even though the latter only reiterates what I've already copied from this website regarding the claim of interest. If I exclude what the moneyclaim website tells me to include, my claim comes in at under 1080/24. Shall I just leave it out? I asked the same questions when I had this prob months ago and you can just fit as much as you can
  5. Hi Your first point of call re: A&Q.. call the court. They are helpful. They may have sent it and it could have been lost in the postal system? Secondly, I had the same information on my letter of defence from Barclays... well... they have to say something ! Don't worry it is the norm.
  6. Of in doubt, send it early. I was just saying that I sent mine 3 months early. It hasn't lead to an early settlement on my part, but the guy dealing with my case (at Barclays) quit?!
  7. Hi, I wasn't asked for a court bundle either but I sent it anyway (like 3 months early!!) I received something very similar and I called the court. The nice lady said it was more of a mediation case. If you are worried though, call your court, they are always helpful. You won't be getting to the court stage anyway .
  8. Hi I have heard - on a few occasions over the months, various people getting their cases sent to different courts. Maybe they are trying to put them all at the same court on the same day for the same judge.. that is common too. Don't worry as it won't be getting to the court stage anyway!
  9. Hi I submitted my claim online and sent (hardcopy) all extra information (yet another copy of the charges plus a photocopy of the moneyclaim form you submitted) to both the bank and the court so they could not plead ignorant in receiving the info. Does this answer your question?
  10. Hello All! Long time no chat ! Well, seems the pressure of it all at Barclays has made Mr Celyn Evans quit? I now am dealing with Kyrsta Campbell. Good news... they have made an offer. Not the full amount I was wanting but pretty good. My circumstances have changed (I am pregnant) so I would prefer as little stress as poss! I have accepted their offer but I will not get excited until it is in my account. They actually sent me a letter to my home address but alas, I informed Mr Evans on many occasions that I am away from November to 20 January hence, email me. My hubby got hom
  11. Hello jigr69 I have sent the court and barclays numerous copies of the schedule of charges (with EVERY single letter and when lodging moneyclaim form). The courts then gave me a date but it is not a hearing it is more of a mediation meeting. I think they are calling the banks bluff... they obviously know the banks have had many cases against them which effectively waste courts time by settling before the court date. I sent my court bundle in November (courts commented on how organised I was!). It is the one in the FAQ and the one theat Jonni2bad states and the lovely Bookworm state
  12. Hello Bookworm No, I haven't heard . I called Celyn Evans the other day and asked if Rebecca Connolly passed on my details as I am away etc etc and he said 'yes, I have your email address etc and will be in contact'. Still not heard and that must have been nearly 2 weeks ago. I am not going to reply to my email in a hurry when I do eventually get it:p Anyway Bookworm, you have a wonderful xmas too with your family and I WILL be contacting you in due course as to the good news!! Take care
  13. Hi - long time no speak! I contacted Rebecca Connolly the other day and asked if barclays wanted to settle before the court date and the reply was 'That is the idea'... always good to hear! She also siad that Celyn Evans is dealing with my case. Anyway, I left my email address (as I am away at the moment) and they haven't come back to me. Does anyone know his (Celyn Evans) email address? I will try calling him Monday anyway, but wanted to leave an email.
  14. Well, called the court today and asked what a prelim hearing is. The lady said it is an informal chat before the court hearing takes place. I asked if I need to send my docs to the court (cause I am going away for a while) and she said there is no need to do that. But, I think I will anyway - as I have gone to all the trouble and I am moving house etc... I would not want my 353 page doc to get lost!!!
  15. No hijacking made?! Bookworm has been absolutely brilliant. Her case is on the 2nd November but contact has been made... wooo- just checked and she has SETTLED !!!! Jonni2bad, Mervalous- oh, there is SO many I couldn't ready them all. Read the Success stories in barclays section. Definately motivates me everytime!
  16. CONGRATS!!!!! Oh, you are such a good girl... thanks AGAIN for your wisdom!
  17. Oh, you are so welcome ... I am glad Barclays could provide entertainment for the thousands of us out there!!!! Goodluck with yours!
  18. Hello Bookworm... were your ears burning? I was just saying on my thread that I have not heard from you in a while!! Goodluck mext week (you won't need it!). They have left it a little late huh?! I was sent my date to go to court (jan 25 as I am away til 20 Jan) but I have a prelim hearing. is this normal? I have asked this question on my thread, but seems you mods are so busy at the mo!!! Once again, goodluck and will be thinking of ya! Go get 'em!
  19. Good luck Hannah... well, it is more patience than luck is what you need!
  20. No Mods have acknowledged me? :( I haven't seen Bookworm around for a while ... she is prob on holiday or getting ready for her court case for next week!! Mods, please let me know whether a prelim case is normal.... thank you!
  21. Hi Carmen- Barclays are definately bullys. No one has gone to court yet from Barclays, but please read the successful wins against barclays and that will certainly restore your faith!! Sorry to hijack pauldean!
  22. Hi Donna Some people (it is advised) have already set up a new bank account as a precautionary measure. I sent Barclays (after moneyclaim online) a letter stating: 'I am writing with reference to the N1 court form that has been issued on my behalf from the court service. As this claim was processed online, please see enclosed supporting documents as to the account number and a schedule of the penalty details and calculations, derived from the bank statements/transaction that you issued upon my request. This was to ensure there are no discrepancies as to the clarity of the clai
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