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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thank you for your imput. I will try to establish the current ownership of this debt. back in a few days regards djc
  3. WE have an old unsecured loan that was subject to a ccj and later a charging order was secured against our property. We believe that the original debt has been sold to a well known debt collectors. Question is the charging order still valid if original debt has been sold. hope you can help djc
  4. hya! nottslad we currently have quotations to replace with a combination high efficiency condensating boiler but are trying to understand the technology and reliabilty of this need breed of electric high efficiency boilers. for iformation they are 99.8 % efficient slighty better than gas boilers. concerning change of supplier we have considered this but gave up due to the hassle of having to pay deposits etc..... now we would much rather kill off the gas supply completely has anyone got an electric central heating boiler fitted if so how are finding it compared to a gas/oil boi
  5. we currently have installed an old baxi back boiler fitted but it has a leaking heat exchanger. we currently have a prepay gas meter fitted and the costs of using it are horrendous. consequently are considering a new boiler. we became aware of the new breed of electric boilers but finding it difficult to obtain reliability assurances of these boilers. Has anyone got one of these fitted and how are you finding it. the other easier option is to fit a gas boiler but am reluctant to go down this route due to british gas rip off practices to prepayment metering. any suggestions
  6. zara it looks good to me but there are much better qualified caggers on here that may well be in a position to correctly advise djc
  7. gemini let us know of any progress good luck djc
  8. ejleigh68 sorry for not responding but been journeying to hospital and consequently been tied up. are you going to push on with your claim. i understand that claiming ppi is a seperate claim from credit card unenforceable. reference your new aquired wealth of banks share portfolio. i recommend that you hold on to them. djc
  9. kamalamrani obviously you should have been aware thatyou were on your threshold of being in the black but that said where do we go from here. personally i would open another account asap next a visit to these industrious bankers to see what limitation or reduction you are able to negotiate and finally consider claiming unfair charges to your account at least one ie home visit is unlawfull as you never requested or sort to have them visit. they will try it on after all they need money obviously yours. good luck djc
  10. unmod..... you need to provide a little more information to enable people to try and help. djc
  11. Capitl punishment my latest insight on credit card charges claims is that all claims management companies and solicitors practicing in consumer litigation are holding back from issuing any further letter of claims until an appeal due to be heard in october has been heard. yo may be in for a bit of await so be carefull.i understand that it concerns how credit card companies applied interest charges onto fees etc... if the banks lose this one they will really be in trouble djc
  12. zararh opening a new account makes a lot of sense it always pays to have more than one option particully if your savings/credit card/ or loan are with the same bank. if you have on line access to your account then you will be able to establish how the halifax inputted your transactions. check and let us know how it recorded djc
  13. gemini your previous claim may well be barred from claiming back charges that relate to the time period previously claimed for, but not new transactions that have been applied since therefore you are entitled to claim all unlawfull charges that have been applied to your account since your last successful claim happy hunting djc
  14. zararh reading the responses that you have received i am in little doubt that an eye ball to eye ball may well accomplish some comfort and satisfaction of your circumstances. you are quite entitled to see evidence of your account transactions which will clearly demonstrate the sequence of transactions you will then be in a position to argue you case from facts and hopefully secure some redress djc
  15. suggest you go down to your branch and politely remonstrate with them over thier banking procedure and controls. I would assume that thier system has probably caught up and now shows the transactions and the sequence that these transactions were recorded by thier system. then and only then ask for your money back. slowly slowly catchie monkey. if they do not play fair then claim back exorbitant charges for as far back as you can go minimium of 6 years good luck djc
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