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  1. (I meant I would close CAG (i.e. log off and go away), not close CAG down)
  2. Two more messages removed from the moved thread tonight. I suggest someone looks at what I've posted on there as I am very serious
  3. Apparently I haven't got any toys left. AFD thinks I threw them all out of my pram (yes, I'm aware of that AFD). I'm still on strike and will not be helpful in any way shape or form until someone sorts this out (and I know which someone I mean!)
  4. Argh Another phone call from HBOS call centre regards a Sainsbury's bank card. You speak to one of them and they are allowed to call 5 times a day, speak to another one and they are allowed to speak to you 4 times a day. Speak to another one and they are allowed to speak to you 3 times for each number they hold, yet not one of them have heard of the administration of justice act, or understand harrassment. I had one guy who said Oftel guidelines, but when pressed he didn't know any more. How can we stop these companies from misinforming their workforce with regards to the law?
  5. AC, this is what is known as objective conjecture (as to what your agreement should look like) and is against the guidelines of the regulatory authorities. It is like saying 'please don't renew my credit license'. PM me, we're handling these differently
  6. I kind of thought he'd covered the bare minimum. If it was an article of clothing, it would only just stop the wearer from blushing
  7. Corn, it has to state: (a) the state of the account, and (b) the amount, if any, currently payable under the agreement by the debtor to the creditor, and © the amounts and due dates of any payments which, if the debtor does not draw further on the account, will later become payable under the agreement by the debtor to the creditor. So, a), b) and c) are covered. Not a WW special was it?
  8. Totally off thread, (but this is a Corn thread, so what the hey?) I got a bloody NIC through the post today for doing 68mph in a 60 zone? What happened to 10% plus 2? I got done doing 58 mph in a 40 zone at 4 in the morning, OK 3 points. I then got done doing 99.6 on the M25, oops, slap on the wrist, 3 points. I then got done doing 91 mph - come on guys, that's taking the ****, 3 points. I then got done doing 95 mph and another 3 points.... My license has been clean for the first time in 11 years FOR ONE SNIVVELLY LITTLE MONTH and I get done again. I drive too quickly, I realise that, but 68 mph IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE ON THE A5 WITH NO HOUSES IN SIGHT AND NO TRAFFIC ON A STRAIGHT PIECE OF ROAD THAT IS DEAD STRAIGHT FOR ABOUT 4 MILES...... 68 MILES AN HOUR? Someone should tell them that the speed record for that straight is currently at 148!
  9. That's what I took you to mean, and is why I posted what I did. IMO if they are stating that as the balance of your account, it is all of the more reason to contest it. If they cannot back it up (and they have to be able to substansiate it:) together with a statement signed by or on behalf of the creditor showing, according to the information to which it is practicable for him to refer I take this to mean that they can be asked to show how they have come to this sum by a judge if questioned (and possibly by you if you question it).
  10. Oi Steady! We're not talking about one of the newer ones, we're talking about an old shape mark 2, the curvy pop up headlight one. And it was pretty new too! A f&*%£@g hairdresser, HAIRDRESSER! I got a good mind to jump in my car and come and bitchslap you!
  11. How about if you're allegedly photographed in one county and then prosecuted by another county?
  12. M55DLC is my reg number:cool: Or was until MOH wrote off the £17k worth of MR2 it was attached to! And I ain't camp!
  13. I've just had a row with someone from the Halifax / BoS call centre over a Sainsburys card and she stated they are 'allowed' to call 5 times a day! When pushed she got shirty and hung up.
  14. And they've just sent me one for 68 in a 60!
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