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  1. Money in account today. It's all over, took approx 2 & half months in all.
  2. Now that I have settled, what do I have to do next? How do I drop the court claim? I have just been sent the defence papers etc I need to write a letter I suppose but who to? MCOL of the local court on the paperwork? Any advice?
  3. I miscounted the day the MCOL ended, it was the 7th, so I filed for judgement but I was disapointed this morning when I saw it had been rejected. Called MCOL and they said that HSBC had filed a defence and I would be getting the court papers soon, gutted. Anyway, got home this evening and found a letter offering the full amount and waiving next month's charges, just like I requested. Result! So I have accepted and crossed out the confidentiality wording. So its sorted nearly, apart from the deposit of cash of course! Took under 2 and a half months to do and 4 letters sent.
  4. No reply to letter but 28 days are up, so filed MCOL for judgement just now... What happens next? Do I just wait?
  5. Decided to write a letter asking for pending charges at end of November to be removed too before I accept the offer. If this happens then I will accept the offer, drop the MCOL claim and everything will be settled. If this happens, I doubt I will ever incurr charges again as no more overdraft! Hopefully they will agree to this, fingers crossed!
  6. Just had a letter delivered from DG Solicitors offering the full amount (charges + 8% interest + MCOL fee and also including £125 that is due to be taken off at the end of October). Great news! But before I accept it, in my MCOL claim I specified that I wanted any charges that I have incurred during October (that will be applied at the end of November) to be removed too. I don't know how much these will be until HSBC notify me of them on 9th November (the date my MCOL expires by the way). They could be approx £75 but may be as much as £125. There is no mention of this in the letter. How s
  7. Just submitted MCOL for full amount (inc interest) and interest at 8%. Waited until new charges of £125 for last month had been added to account. I will definately have more charges next month (hopefully for the last time!), so I included a proviso to remove the next set of charges that are due to be applied in Nov in my claim, instead of adding them in advance to the total amount. Hopefully this will work... Anyway, here we go with the MCOL!
  8. New Update: I received another offer today for £923 (claim was £1072 including £25 charges due to be applied at the end of this month). Am tempted to accept this but I know that I will be stung for £125 charges for this month at the end of October. In a dilemma now, should I wait longer and add the extra £125 in my MCOL claim or next letter? Or accept now on condition that the extra £125 is waived? Any advice anyone???
  9. I suspect that HSBC have stopped my switch card, I tried to use it earlier but was refused! Admittedly, I am approx £100 over my OD limit (as I don't get paid in my new job until the end of the month) but it does seem a bit coincidental as I rejected their first offer the other day... If this is true then I have approx £25 to last me until next Friday! and I need a tube pass costing £26 to get to work... I am in serious trouble!
  10. I think i'm going to give them another 10 days, that way if I do get stung at the end of this month, I can add the additional charges onto my MCOL, as after I get paid, I will be under my limit again...
  11. I am thinking of replying with this: Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you for your letter dated 12/9/06. I respectfully decline your offer of settlement and request, once again, that you return to me all charges imposed on this account, totaling £1047.26 I accept the sum offered only as part settlement and on the clear understanding that I will pursue recovery of the remainder, with a County Court claim if necessary. My letter before action sent previously indicated that you have until 13/9/06 to respond before Court action commences. I will now give you a further 10 days to a
  12. Well today was the day when I was due to start the MCOL but surprise! A letter arrived offering £805, when I claimed £896 plus £151.26 interest (not including 8%). I'm not sure if I should accept it as I really need the money at the moment. I have just started a new job and had to buy a £150 suit today, as well as other work clothes. Also, I am going 4 weeks without pay, as I am going onto a monthly salary and won't get paid until the end of the month. I am already over my overdraft limit (which this rebate will help to pay off) and so I expect that another £125 charge will be adde
  13. The first 14 days have now elapsed and I have heard/received nothing whatsoever from HSBC! Sent my LBA out today, with a copy of the Preliminary Letter originally sent and another statement of charges "for their records". I'm a bit disappointed not to get any kind of acknowledgement but will wait and see what happens and update here accordingly....
  14. Just posted my preliminary letter off to my local branch today, will wait and see what response I get... Am claiming for approx £900 over the last 3 years, plus interest on the proportion of charges. I used the standard template letter and also the Interest Calculator from Vampiress as my schedule of charges after going through all my statements online. I will try to keep this updated as to how I get on... The irony is that I plan to use all the money to pay off my overdraft with HSBC and prevent charges from ever occurring in the future. Fingers crossed! EpX
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