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  1. Am I right in thinking that if no default notice is provided. Just a template for a completely different account (one which I do not hold). Then judgement should not be entered due to not being able to show that a valid d.notice was served?
  2. I couldnt make it in person. Rescheduled for tomorrow
  3. Adjourned for 14 days forca further hearing
  4. Thanks My only concern is that the grievance hearing is off site with new agm. However he has been there for almost a month. How can this be independant?
  5. Thanks Doc They have only included -2 pdf on post #3 in there pack No mention of APR on anything other than statements
  6. I have PM'd you DonkeyB any chance of you proofing before I send it last post?
  7. Something else I have noticed. On the default template it states VISA number - my account was a HSBC Mastercard, would this affect anything?
  8. Putting that argument aside. What do you think my chances are?
  9. The only letter i didnt send recorded. As i didnt send it my partner did. Doh
  10. Sent to HSBC Card Services Standard post.
  11. http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr314/samcook1703/HSBC/WitStateEdit.jpg http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr314/samcook1703/HSBC/WitStateEdit2.jpg http://i495.photobucket.com/albums/rr314/samcook1703/HSBC/WitStateEdit3.jpg
  12. Just received post with written statement in - scanning
  13. Court say nothing received. Calling DG tomorrow as didnt have chance to sit down somewhere quiet and record call. Doc, Im trying to get someone to cover, if I cant go in person I have already signed a letter authorising my partner to attend and discuss it explaining my absence
  14. Pip i'm on [EDIT] if you need to PM me as yours is down. Will contact the court and dg
  15. I have scanned the agreement again. It is poor anyway. I hope its a bit better. I have looked everywhere for the original DN. I cant locate it. Everything but!!! I have added the mock one sent also on this link http://s495.photobucket.com/albums/rr314/samcook1703/HSBC/ The case has been transferred to my local court. I have had no witness statement from DG There N244 only states evidence as listed below no tick for witness statement PPI (Cardholder repayment Protection) was present prior to cancelling on Feb 2004 I have not been refunded. They are offering £120 for charges incurred on the account in the N244 I am away from the computer now but will be on it later and all day tomorrow I have started a skeleton but this is difficult without knowing what they're saying
  16. Should I not be receiving any further documentation from DG prior to the hearing?
  17. Yes its to strike out PPI spreadsheet completed without interest. I have been supplied statements back as far as 03 so have been able to go for it prior to cancelling it in 2005 where i informed them i never needed it due to other income protection policies I held. They claim that they will not refund it due to my ability to cancel it within 28 days, waffle really.
  18. I forgot to add i have a hearing on the 26th, I am currently living away from home to care for my sick elderly mother, so my post is not seen immediately and i'm now on catch up. It seems a Judge has appointed a hearing for 45mins. Pipster has done amazing I hope i can emulate her, I have the same Default Notice which clearly will help no end, I did spot her case and have been reading through it. For some reason you cant PM her. I did receive copies of docs which are already on this thread They have not provided any witness statement regarding this case other than "evidence set out in the box below" I have attempted to get my PPI back (Cardholder Repayment Protection) but that has been unsuccessful through negotiation I also made an offer whilst this was going through of £10 per month as I am now a carer and as such not in full time employment, would that be detrimental to any defence? I am confused as to how they can submit a N255 stating that I have not filed an admission or defence to my claim. Clearly a defence was submitted albeit and embarrassed one under CPR rules ??
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