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  1. Am I right in thinking that if no default notice is provided. Just a template for a completely different account (one which I do not hold). Then judgement should not be entered due to not being able to show that a valid d.notice was served?
  2. I couldnt make it in person. Rescheduled for tomorrow
  3. Adjourned for 14 days forca further hearing
  4. Thanks My only concern is that the grievance hearing is off site with new agm. However he has been there for almost a month. How can this be independant?
  5. Thanks Doc They have only included -2 pdf on post #3 in there pack No mention of APR on anything other than statements
  6. I have PM'd you DonkeyB any chance of you proofing before I send it last post?
  7. Something else I have noticed. On the default template it states VISA number - my account was a HSBC Mastercard, would this affect anything?
  8. Putting that argument aside. What do you think my chances are?
  9. The only letter i didnt send recorded. As i didnt send it my partner did. Doh
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